Thoughts While Driving as told by Kevin Hart

1. Getting stuck behind a slow person in the right lane url


2. Having to keep turning off your cruise control because of slow people url



3. Getting really pissed passing a slow driver and realizing it’s a grandma and feeling bad url


4. Passing a slow driver who’s on their phone

5. When they pass you then cut in front of you just to go slower than you url


6. When someone puts their high beams on behind you url


7. Seeing someone flip you off when it wasn’t even your fault url


8. When someone doesn’t put their blinker on and you almost hit them url


9. Hitting a pothole and hearing your car bottom out url


10. When you pass a cop and someone flies by you url

11. When you almost hit a squirrel who couldn’t make up their mind url


12. That feeling when you see blue lights behind you but when you pull over they pass you url