Things to Do for Fall Break That Won't Break Your Bank Account

For many college students, fall break is approaching fast. It’s the first mini break to destress from the first few weeks of school. Considering college students are balling on a budget, here is a few things to do for the 4 day break that won’t be too pricey:


1.)  If you’re staying at school, a simple way to reenergize is to get organized. Spend time arranging and organizing your dorm room or apartment.  Walmart has some great scented decor for fall that will fill your room with the fall spirit!


2.) Speaking of Walmart, another fall thing to do when stuck at school is have a movie marathon. Walmart has those HUGE tubs for movies that are $5. FIVE DOLLARS for some amazing classics.


3.) If staying on campus just isn’t in the cards for you, and neither is going home, then tag along with a friend that lives closer to school (if they’ll let you)! This will get you away from school, provide some at home vibes but also allows you to have some fun and not sit at home full of boredom.


4.) As cliché as it sounds, look around your hometown or towns close to you and go to a corn maze. There is something soothing and relaxing about getting lost in a field of corn with some close friends. And most of the time corn mazes are very inexpensive!


5.) Apple picking! Fall break is the perfect time to bake yourself some sweet treats, and apple picking is a great way to get outside!  While you’re there, enjoy the crispness of the air and pick some ripe apples for sweet apple treats.


6.) If you are going home check around for local middle and high schools doing charity events. Many schools have fall fundraisers and putting in a small donation or spending a little time helping others is an automatic mood booster.


7.) Especially if you are going home, make some time to see family members you don’t always get to see in your busy college life. Their excitement to see you and loving presence will melt the stress away!