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When it comes to foods, there are some strict right and wrongs that really should just be followed. Call it the food code of conduct, if you will. This article contains some odd eating habits and combinations that I’ve come across, and my take on their level of sanity. 

  1. Pineapple on pizza– Alright so we’ll start off with a classic debate. I’ll preface this by saying I understand both sides, but  personally, I can’t stand the idea of warm fruit being on my pizza. The mix of pineapple andtomato sauce freaks me out as well, and I just simply cannot enjoy it. I have no qualms with people who do though, so be on your merry way.
  1. Does the cereal or the milk go first– This is a make-or-break kind of question. I have this as my Tinder bio as it’s a perfect judge of character. If you put milk in first, I would kindly like you to stay a good six feet away from me at all times. It completely throws off the milk to cereal ratio, not to mention the splash when you pour in the cereal. The only time it’s acceptable is when you’re going for your second bowl, and I stand by that. 
  1. Tomatoes– So, this isn’t really a controversial food but I want to talk about it anyway. I have never come across another food that I’ve wanted to like more than tomatoes, but I just can’t. They look like they should taste so good and refreshing, but I eat them and I hate them everytime. If you have the ability to enjoy tomatoes, I will forever be jealous of you.  
  1. Biting ice cream– If you bite your ice cream, you scare me. How does it not hurt your teeth? It’s both incredibly impressive and slightly unsettling. You hold too much power. 
  1. Ranch on pizza– Ranch on pizza is actually pretty good. I had a big phase with it in middle school where I would only eat pizza with ranch, which is a little bit embarrassing, but I’ve changed my ways. Anyway, I don’t have a strong standpoint on this one, other than to say that if you eat pizza with ranch more often than you eat it without ranch, I respect you just a tiny bit less. 
  1. Hot chocolate with milk or water?– Alright, don’t shoot me down, but I almost always make hot chocolate with water. It’s so much easier, and I just don’t have the patience to warm up milk. I know it’s better with milk. I know I’m just drinking warmed up chocolate water. That hasn’t stopped me so far, and I don’t think it will. 
  1. Ketchup on Mac and Cheese– Please do not do this. I’m begging you. That mac and cheese has a family, a wife, and kids. How could you do that to the poor mac and cheese? What did it ever do to you?
  1. Hot sauce on eggs– I have yet to actually try this simply because I’m afraid to. I’m bad at eating spicy things, and I don’t want to ruin some perfectly good eggs. I’m going to make myself try it eventually, but if you like this I am a little bit intimidated by you. 
  2. Hot or Iced coffee?– I myself like both iced coffee and hot coffee. If you only drink coffee that’s iced, I get it and support you. If you exclusively drink hot coffee I will immediately see you as more mature than me upon learning that. 

That about wraps up my rant for today. I hope you enjoyed and agreed with my hot takes on food combos. Thanks for reading and have a nice rest of your day, unless you put milk before cereal, then have a bad one.

My name is Brooke Howlett and I'm an education major at the University of Maine. I have a passion for reading, people, writing, stars, and learning new things.