Thanksgiving Fashion Trends of 2017

Panicking about what to wear this Thanksgiving? Well don’t worry too much! This Fall has so many new cute trends to showcase to your family and friends on Thanksgiving. Wear a nice outfit so your family says how good you look and asks about where you got your shirt rather than what your plan is after college! Oh a girl can dream, right?


Button up Skirts

A button up skirt is great for Thanksgiving when worn with a nice tucked in shirt or cropped sweater. Add some tights and maybe some thigh high boots to make your outfit complete and warm.

Knit Cardigan

For a more chill Thanksgiving event, a knit cardigan will make you look put together but isn’t too over the top. Some jeans and cute booties will help you complete your look.

Paper Bag Pants

This trend is my absolute favorite! Find a body hugging sweater/turtleneck to tuck in to these adorable pants and some high heeled booties to get a nice put together look. The biggest plus is that these pants feel like sweats, but are dressy too. You can look cute, be comfortable, eat all you want and not have to unbutton your pants! What’s better than that?

Statement Scarf

Oh for the love of huge bulky scarves. A statement scarf can be an outfit maker. If you have nothing you’re excited about wearing, throw a big scarf over a dress or shirt and you’ll look like you have your life together.


Trenches are one of the best trends out there, especially for Maine. You can stay warm and look adorable with a nice trench coat. They go with dresses, skirts, and even jeans!


Thigh High Boots

These can be more of a risk for a family event, but they’re so cute it’s hard to help yourself. You may run the risk of getting called a stripper, but they’re worth it.

These trends are perfect for your Thanksgiving celebration. Good luck colleigettes with seeing your families and surviving all of the questions, at least you’ll have a great outfit!


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