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The Spring 2012 Color Palette!

The Spring 2012 color trends are popping up in stores everywhere with fall 2012 fashion weeks already in process. It is almost time to start shopping for warm weather clothes again and it’s important to know what to look for. Color is an easy way to stay on trend while avoiding investing in pieces that just end up in consignment after only three months of wear. Be on the lookout for classic knits or tailored skinny jeans in these fabulous colors to update your wardrobe this spring season. Here is your guide for the 2012 spring color palette as seen on the runway:

Tangerine – A new variation to the ever-popular Coral for spring and summer, tangerine is the new shade that accentuates any tan. Pair it with a gold statement necklace and layered on bangles to bring out the pop of the orange color even more.
Milk Chocolate – Really one of the only neutrals of the season, a rich chocolate color will become a staple of your wardrobe whether it’s a chocolate brown trench, sandals or purse – you name it! Could chocolate be the new black?

Ink Blue – Another color that surprised many on the runway this season due to its dark hue was the numerous ink colored blues. Rachel Zoe featured this dress and a full pantsuit in her Pre-Fall collection but it is still very much in for this spring season. Look for ink blue, Fifties inspired sundress with polka dot accents to bring out your feminine side.

Split pea – Although the name does not sound appetizing, I have to say in that dress it is down right delicious. If you are unsure you can pull off split pea yourself, try working it in to your outfit first through your accessories like a skinny belt or clutch.
Pastels – Last but definitely not least, the pastel colors came out in force this season. Robins egg, mint green, sun bleached coral, and lilac were all favorites of designers for this spring and summer. Just like the tangerine craze, pastels are great colors to wear that will make anyone look tan! So get your bronze on (Or not… a whole lot safer!) and mix and match pastel colors this spring.
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Tangerine , Chocolate , Split Pea , Ink Blue , Bleached Coral , Mint Green , Robins Egg

Olivia is a senior pursuing a Marketing degree at the University of Maine at Orono. Besides being a co-branch correspondent for the Her Campus UMaine Branch, she is the business manager for the University of Maine student newspaper, The Maine Campus. One of her many interests is fashion and writes as a contributing fashion writer for Her Campus UMaine. Olivia hopes to land a career in the industry after graduation.
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