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Sorority Saturday: Paige Giffault (Chi Omega)

This week’s Sorority Saturday is Paige Giffault of the University of Maine’s Chi Omega- Xi Beta chapter. She is a fourth-year Microbiology major, also enrolled in Pre Med and a member of the Honors College. She is the current Vice President of Chi Omega, acting as a helpful resource for chapter members by providing support and resources for academic success. Outside of Chi Omega, Paige also works as an EMT for the university ambulance. She has also previously been a tutor and learning assistant in chemistry. She cares very deeply about scholarship and helping people achieve academically. She also heavily contributes to research, studying the J.C. Polyomavirus for her honors thesis. 

“Scholarship is something that both the chapter and I value a lot. Personally, within my major, I wanted to help others succeed in school and give them the resources that I had available to me.”

Along with scholarship, Chi Omega consists of five other purposes: Friendship, high standards of personnel, participation in campus activities, career development, and community service. They fundraise for the Make-A-Wish foundation, starting their alliance in 2002. Xi Beta in total has raised around $33,000.00. Nationally, Chi Omega has raised around $26,000,000.00. In order to raise this money, Chi Omega runs a few different events throughout the year. Things are a lot different now because of COVID-19, but generally, they run a haunted house called Wicked for Wishes. They also have an event in the spring called Wiffle for Wishes, where they raise money through participating in a Wiffle ball tournament. They also have been doing a lot more social media fundraising due to COVID-19, along with raffles where students can win a $25 gift card to their local restaurant of choice. 

Paige knew she was home as soon as she spoke to the women of Chi Omega during rush week. She was so excited to be surrounded by amazing women who she could truly be inspired by and learn from. 

 “I just felt like this is somewhere I could really be a part of and make a difference. All of the girls I had talked to were so inspiring. Hearing them talk about leadership and empowerment really had an impact on me and I knew these were the types of people I wanted to be around.” 

Her favorite memory was her (Coachella themed) bid day. She was so happy because she knew she was a part of something amazing. Now she lives with two of her sorority sisters, and she’s so thankful that she lives with people who support her and are good for her to be around.

Paige clearly represents the six purposes represented by Chi Omega. She shows a lot of love and appreciation towards her sisters. When asked what advice she would give women contemplating Greek Life, she said, 

“I have had such a positive experience being in Chi Omega, and we have such a diverse group of people. I have learned so much, so if you’re ever thinking about it just try it. I have no regrets and I honestly wish I did it sooner.” 

Paige is a wonderful representation of Chi Omega, encompassing all of their six purposes through her integrity and hard work with everything she does. This is why she was selected as this week’s Sorority Saturday!

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