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This article is written by a student writer from the Her Campus at U Maine chapter.

Liza White is a third year Biomedical Engineering student from a small mill town in Maine called Rumford. As a first year student, Liza joined Phi Mu Fraternity through the Continuous Open Bidding (COB) process. COB is a recruitment process that some chapters use following Formal Recruitment or in the Spring semester. Through Phi Mu, Liza has become an excellent leader, communicator, and friend. Liza, on top of being an excellent student, has a long list of volunteer work. She busies herself especially with that which directly impacts our campus community as well as the surrounding Bangor area. 

In her chapter, Liza has become a confident leader. She spent two semesters as Phi Mu’s Sisterhood Development Chair, an important position in which you oversee the sisterhood bonding activities as well as mediate any issues between sisters. She currently serves as the Membership Director, a position in which you are in charge of all of the recruitment for the chapter. This role is vital to the longevity of her chapter. Liza said that these positions helped her be able to handle stressful situations, mediate difficult conversations, and keep groups engaged while she teaches them.

With future goals of becoming a Clinical Engineer, as well as getting her advanced EMT license, Liza is all about helping others. She volunteers as a driver and EMT for the University Volunteer Ambulance Corps on campus. She is the current President of BlackBearThON, an annual dance marathon benefiting Children’s Miracle Network Hospitals. She works at Northern Light Medical Transport an Emergency Care as an EMT. 

Even though Liza works long hours as an EMT for both Northern Light and UVAC, she still finds time in her schedule to be a part of the Biomedical Engineering Club as well as being a Mitchell scholar. As a Mitchell scholar she attends a camp called Camp Susan Curtis, in which she works with young people to inspire them to attend college. She also visits local middle and elementary schools in the area to talk about their college interests and career aspirations. 

Liza is an intelligent woman, who is incredibly selfless. It is incredible that between her job and volunteer work, she has so much time left over to give to her sisters through her position. I am lucky to call Liza my own sister, she is one of the reasons I decided to be a Phi  Mu myself. She said that joining a sorority made UMaine feel like home and changed her into a more confident and dynamic woman. Thank you Liza for all of the selfless work you do to help make our community safer and more giving!

I’ll leave you all with a bit of advice from Liza, “Everything happens for a reason, do not worry about everything that could go wrong and just embrace the good moments that you do have”.

Claudia was born and raised in Saginaw, Michigan and now attends the University of Maine as a fourth year transfer student. As a former congressional intern, Claudia’s interests include politics, voting, and keeping up with current events.
Camille is a fourth-year Political Science major with minors in Leadership Studies and Legal Studies at the University of Maine. She is the Editor in Chief for her chapter, competes in competitive Mock Trial, and is the Treasurer of the Pre-Law Society. Her future plans are to graduate in 2020 and attend law school.