Sorority Saturday- Grace Govan, Phi Mu

This week’s Sorority Saturday is Grace Govan of the University of Maine Phi Mu, Pi Chapter. Grace is a second year Psychology student, and decided to join Phi Mu during last year’s formal recruitment in the fall. Phi Mu frequently fundraises for the Children’s Miracle Network Hospital, which is located right in Bangor. 

One of the events they hosted last year was Milkshakes for Miracles, where the Pi Chapter raised over $1,100. The sisters of Phi Mu also participate in Black Bear Thon, which is a 12 hour dance marathon  focused on raising money towards the Children’s Miracle Network Hospital.  Last semester, Grace was the committee head for alumni relations. Her position consisted of reaching out to Phi Mu alumni to coordinate their Founder’s Day event. Outside of Phi Mu, she has also been involved in the food science club and has written articles for Her Campus. Right now, she is taking a break from activities to adjust to the new campus life this year, but is looking forward to getting involved in her favorite activities again soon!

When asking Grace what made her feel like she was “home,” she said, “When I got to preference round during formal recruitment, I really got a feel of what the sisterhood truly represented. I already liked Phi Mu and valued the conversations I had with them beforehand. Being in their true environment during preference round really made me feel like I was home.” Her favorite event as a sister of  Phi Mu was their sisterhood retreat in Bucksport, Maine. The sisters stayed at a big house and watched movies, took walks, and had super fun fall photoshoots. It was the first time being with her sisters all together, and that day brought her a lot of joy to look back on. 

Phi Mu’s core values are love, honor, and truth. Grace’s love towards Phi Mu along with the hard work she puts into her chapter brings something so bright to the sisterhood. Her favorite line in their creed is “To serve in the light of truth, avoiding egotism, narrowness and scorn” This is extremely reflective of Grace’s character-she always values the time spent with her close friends and giving to others. You will often see Grace with her friends and sisters during Wells dining hall’s “Chicken Tuesdays” and playing volleyball at the pool. 

Friendship is such a big part of her life, which is why Phi Mu is such a great fit for her. When asking Grace what advice she would give to girls not certain about taking that leap towards Greek life, she said, “Whatever you’ve heard about sororities, push that aside. Don’t let anything influence your decision. If you think it’s something you want to do, don’t let anything stop you no matter what. I’ve found some of the best women in this sorority. Life is all about taking that leap and seeing what happens.”

Grace is a perfect example of everything Phi Mu represents, being the sole definition of love, honor, and truth.