Sorority Saturday: Alexa Bierut of Alpha Phi

Alexa Bierut of Alpha Phi is our Sorority Saturday feature for this week! 

She is a fourth-year Nursing major from Plymouth, Massachusetts with plenty of responsibilities outside of her academics, such as her participation in Greek life, clubs, and her nursing partnership. Alexa joined Alpha Phi in her first year at the University of Maine, she said that what she was looking for in a chapter that felt like a “ home away from home and a chapter that would accept me for who I am.” Since receiving her bid, Alexa has felt that through Alpha Phi she has “gained long-lasting bonds, a strong support system, and sisters that I never had growing up.” For our students from away, as the Mainers say, the bonds of sisterhood you find in a sorority can be very homey and serve to make one feel so much more connected to the University of Maine and the surrounding community through both connection and service, which is something Alexa stressed in her interview. 

Besides her commitments as a sister, Alexa has held the position of Director of Campus Activities in which she was tasked with encouraging her sisters to participate in events on campus and through her persistence in this role, she even led them to win the sorority All Points Champion title for intramural sports. Alexa also expressed her excitement of being given the opportunity to lead some of Alpha Phi’s rituals that she has known and loved for the last four years for their seventeen new members, passing on the legacy of her organization to a new generation of women and as a senior, this was a special moment for her as her time in her sorority is coming full circle. Alexa has also been part of two philanthropic committees, the Red Dress Gala and Phifa, within her chapter with specific attention on community relations for their philanthropy events which have been so successful. Alexa credits her sisters as the reason for her growth in confidence from her first year to now, which has taught her to be a leader as well as a role model for their new members. When asked about Greek life in general, Alexa said “Something valuable I have taken away from Greek life is that every individual is so different and unique in their own way, but we all fall back on the same ideals and values at the end of the day and that’s what brings everyone together, in Greek life and life itself,” and just as Alexa said - this Panhellenic and Interfraternal connection is what makes the University of Maine’s Greek life so special. 

Apart from her Alpha Phi commitments, Alexa is also part of several other organizations on campus including Best Buddies, Order of Omega, Orono Student Nurse Association, University of Maine Nursing International, as well as Women in STEM. Alexa has also spent a significant amount of her time volunteering and she spoke specifically of an incredible experience where she was able to go to Costa Rica last winter and set up free health clinics in communities in need last winter. In regards to this trip to Costa Rica, Alexa said “The impact we were able to make on their lives was so fulfilling and I want to make it a mission to go on one of these trips once a year when I attain my Registered Nurse license. It’s crazy how much we take for granted in this world and I’m so grateful I had this eye-opening experience.” Alexa has also volunteered at the Out of the Darkness Walk for Suicide Prevention, the Ronald McDonald House, as well as local nursing homes in the area. Along with her active role in these clubs, her extensive volunteer work, and her academics, Alexa has an impressive nursing partnership with Maine General Center in Augusta where she works specifically on a medical-surgical floor! 

The next step for Alexa after graduating from the University of Maine and passing her National Council Licensure Examination (NCLEX) would be to work in an Emergency Department, specifically in Boston, Massachusetts. After some time, she would like to work as a traveling nurse in order to lend her hand to less fortunate communities before going back to school to become a Nurse Practitioner and open her own private practice! Alexa has big goals and we love to see it! She is such a kind, confident, and motivated young woman with a heart of gold, we cannot wait to watch you continue to succeed Alexa! Best of luck to you in your last semester of University and all your future endeavors. Alpha Phi is so lucky to have an incredible sister like you and the University of Maine, as well as the surrounding community, benefits from your talent and kind soul!

I’ll leave you all with a bit of advice from Alexa:

“If I could go back in time, my piece of advice would be, never be afraid to ask for help, and these are the best years of your life so enjoy them, don’t rush it.”

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