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Say Goodbye With Style: End of the Summer Farewell Festivities

While Facebook, Skype, e-mail and Twitter make staying in touch with your friends from home much easier; it doesn’t get rid of the inevitable goodbye that August brings. Instead of planning a cliché ‘drinks at a local restaurant’ gig like you have done every other summer, why not spice things up and celebrate the end of summer with more than a sappy goodbye hug? Whoever instilled in our minds that goodbyes must be sad should read about these next see-ya soirees that are sure to become a fabulous memory for you and your closest friends!

Bring Back the Bonfire-
Regardless of how high school-ish a bonfire sounds; it is nothing but a reason to sit around and reminisce on the past summer and the upcoming school year. Whether you live on enough land to build your own fire pit or you head to your local Target and purchase a freestanding one, have your friends bring their own chairs and some s’more ingredients and be ready to live like LC and Lo on Laguna Beach.

Grown-up Game Night- Getting your best friends together for a game night with a twist is the perfect idea if you’ve got a coed group. Girls vs. boy’s games bring out the biggest competitors and the deepest belly laughs. Did you know that Pictionary actually gets funnier (and sloppier) the later in the night you play it? Start the night out with some Uno or some Kings and then pregame the Pictionary with some charades. Have everyone bring his or her favorite appetizers or desserts for a potluck style night and get ready for the giddiest goodbye you’ve ever had.

Do a Dinner Party– If you want to show off your cooking (or ordering) skills as well as your classy yet sassy little black dress, invite your girls over for some good food, good wine (or sparking cider) and a great goodbye. The menu does not have to include caviar or filet mignon, grilled pizza or chicken kabobs will impress your friends just the same. With a beautiful summer flower centerpiece and your best friends the night is sure to be a huge success. Oh, and learning to throw a dinner party now can get you ready for your post-graduation grown-up get-togethers!
Choose one of these ideas or mix bits and pieces of them together and realize how good the goodbye can really be!

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