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A Review: Orono Brewing Company

Since turning 21 in May, my enjoyment of an alcoholic beverage has honestly declined. I hate getting ready, I hate going out, and I hate paying for drinks! But when the new Orono Brewing Company opened up, I just had to check it out.


First impressions: I had heard that the inside looked like a “fashionable prison cell”. While I don’t think that’s exactly true, it’s definitely interesting inside! It seems like each wall kind of has a different theme. It’s colorful, fun, and very inviting. My first impression was that this is exactly the place Orono has been needing. There were college kids, parents, teachers, and even kids. The little attic is really fun and there are plenty of tables! Overall, 10/10 vibes.


The food: Honestly I can’t say much here because all I had was a half slice of a flatbread, but it was damn good.


The drinks:

Keep in mind that I hate beer. Hate it. Truly. Here we go.


The Way Life Should Be: Love, love, love. This is my favorite IPA I’ve ever had. It seemed light to me (is that a correct beer term?) and kind of sweet? This IPA is also a collaboration with L.L. Bean so even cooler. This comes right after Fruitful; so, so good. 9/10.


44 North: Honestly this was terrifying to try because it’s so dark but wow. This is coffee. I don’t know if I can believe this is beer, because it just tastes like black coffee. Good black coffee. That is all. 8/10.


Fruitful Kettle Sour: I think this was my favorite OBC beer. It was definitely sour without being disgusting (clearly NOT a sour beer type of girl) but the fruit flavors were amazing. It was a lot of raspberry with hints of peach, and I think the two fruit flavors balanced each other well. As someone not beer crazy, I didn’t even think this tasted beer-like, ya know? 9.5/10.


Tubular: Alright. Hear me out. Whenever I try an “amazing IPA” I always hate it and think it tastes like a combination of dirt and meat. While I got a slight “meat” vibe from Tubular, it was super fruity and not as awful as others I’ve tried. And since I’m a brat, here’s a guest review from my roommate Lauren: “Tubular is an extremely good IPA; you can really taste the fruity tones without it being overpowering. 8.5/10.”


Cider: This is literally apple juice. I could probably drink this all day long. It’s not an OBC beer but if you find yourself there and you also don’t like beer, I highly recommend the cider! It was super sweet without being sickening and overbearing. 10/10.



Overall: I think the new OBC location is just what this town needed. I love the L.L. Bean partnership, I love supporting a local business, I love the vibes, and I had a lot of fun! If you haven’t checked it out yet, be sure to make a trip there. Even if you hate beer, I promise there is something for you! The prices are super reasonable and it’s a great place for a low-key night out!

Mary is a fourth year Ecology and Environmental Science major at the University of Maine, with a concentration in sustainability. Mary loves to read, spend time with her Alpha Phi sisters, cuddle with her cat, and drink coffee. She hopes to save the environment and adopt alllll the kitties.
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