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A Reflection on Freshman Year at UMaine

Closing in on the last few weeks of my freshman year of college, I have found myself reflecting back on this past year. I found exponential growth, a reason to smile everyday and so many people that promote my purpose, dreams and desires. I have been shown so many opportunities and experiences, and have met people that truly changed my life.

 Leaving my senior year of high school, I was full of fear and nerves. What if college was too hard, what if I didn’t make any new friends and most of all what if I couldn’t leave high school behind. For me I thought high school was a breeze. I played sports and did well academically. I was surrounded by friends but still something was missing. 

Entering college the first few weeks were tough, I had no idea what I wanted to do, had no roommate and wasn’t becoming very close with the people on my floor. The people were extremely sweet but I was in a funk. I talked to older friends I had in college and told them how I wasn’t sure I was going to make it. They responded by saying “I promise it gets better, keep going”.  It was then I decided I needed to get involved in something. I was still working at home so decided to move back home and commute to my classes. Around the second week of school, sorority “rush” week came around. A crazy process but the reason I am able to write this article at the end of my completed freshman year.

Through the crazy recruitment week, I found my place in the Alpha Phi Delta Nu chapter. From the moment I walked in to their room I felt a shift. I was surrounded by people who were genuinely interested in me as an individual. It was then I started to see the positive relationships I could have, and that feeling of “somethings missing” from high school began to disappear. 

Although I made some lifelong friendships in high school. Nothing compares to the relationships I have formed this year. From joining Alpha Phi I began to realize I didn’t need to feel left out, or feel as if I had earn approval. I no longer had to feel shy of my successes, because my sisters are not envious of my accomplishments, but are the reason for them and love to watch me achieve my fullest potential. My insecurities began to fade away, because I didn’t have the pressure to compare myself to the person standing next to me. I began to realize I had many qualities and it was easy to succeed surrounded by people were not only around when I was feeling down, but there when I felt on top of the world. I found people to share my stresses, crazy moments, moments of sadness, and moments of pure joy with.

Reflecting back now, I wouldn’t want to be in any other place. I also found her campus which has given me the opportunity to pursue a form of expression I have always found interest in. I have always loved journalism and her campus gave me an outlet.

As for the future, freshman year has shown me I deserve truly the best and that its okay to let go of past relationships and things that no longer are beneficial to my life. Freshman year has given me a group of girls who I will get to call my first roommates in my first apartment. (SUPER EXCITING) Freshman year has shown me, the possibilities are endless and no dream of mine is too big. The experiences and people I have met have shown me truly anything is achievable when you begin to believe in your goals, and when you begin to pursue yourself. You can say I am beyond excited for what the future holds and and truly blessed for the people who pushed me to stay in college.

UMaine '21, Alpha Phi
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