A Rant: Accepted Students Day

Accepted Students Day is a great opportunity for prospective students to visit campus and learn more about UMaine, however the hustle and bustle that comes with hundreds of new people on campus can cause a lot of problems for students who are just trying to make it to their classes. Here are some of the worst problems for students on Accepted Students Day.


Parking Problems

Accepted Students day is mostly held at the Union and CCA, meaning every person who is attending will be parking in that lot. Honestly, if you think that you are going to find a decent parking space past 8 am there, you are insane. This school is already lacking in good parking so it’s best you walk or carpool if you want to get to class in a remotely timely manner.


Tour Terror

Newer students means that there will be tours and they will take up an entire walkway. They fill the halls like packed sardines and honestly, stress the hell out of me. Good luck trying to study on the first floor of Fogler on Accepted Students Day without getting a) asked about how you like the school or b) being loudly distracted by the group of fifty kids that walks in every half an hour.


The Lunch Struggle

If you are unfortunate enough to be living on campus during Accepted Students day just do yourself a favor and make ramen in your dorm. While Hilltop, York and Wells always put out their best food on Accepted Students Day each dining hall is absolutely packed. If you can actually find a seat you'll be lucky let alone a table to eat with your friends. In addition to that struggle I honestly don’t know how people can just leave their plates on the table, like what??? That isn’t how it works!


Work Out Weirdness

Accepted Students Day will make your workout routine more awkward than ever. Trying to do squats with three tour groups walking all around you is literally the strangest thing you will ever experience and I do not recommend it.


Prospective Students: if you're reading this, it's nothing personal. We promise you'll feel that same way next year.