Profile: Tom Reiss

Basic Facts

Name: Thomas Wolfgang Reiss

Hometown: Westport Island, ME

Relationship Status: I plan on dying alone

Sign: Virgo, it means I’m empathetic

Snapchat: Thomasre7


Campus Life

Major: Economics, minor in Psychology

Year: Super senior

Why UMaine: Cuz I can’t afford no fancy school

How are you involved on campus? I used to go to the gym… But I fell off the treadmill two weeks ago and haven’t been back



Best friends: The overly nice guy at All Town

Best place to meet people at UMaine: Idk, I wear headphones so no one will talk to me

Best professor: Gary Hunt

Best class: ECO280: Mathematics for Economics

Best thing to do on the weekends here: Wear sweatpants in public



Favorite music to dance to at a party: Vengaboys- Boom Boom Boom

Favorite music to listen to alone in your car: Bach, Mozart, and some of Beethoven’s early work

Favorite  place to eat in Orono: Thai Kitchen


Top Three’s

What are the top three things on your bucket list?

1. Make a girl like me

2. Go one day without existential thoughts in the shower

3. Rum bucket

What are your top three things to accomplish before graduation?

1. Remove the ink from my last dollar wells stamp

2. Catch a UMaine squirrel

3. Take life seriously

What are your top three places to travel to in the future?

1. The future

2. Lewiston/Auburn

3. Germany

*All photos courtesy of subject*