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Profile: Sarah Callahan

Basic Facts

Name: Sarah Callahan

Hometown: East Bridgewater, Massachusetts

Relationship Status: Waiting for a miracle

Sign: Libra

Birthday: October 16th

Instagram: sarahcallahan3

Twitter: SarahCallahan3

Campus Life

Major: Parks and Recreation

Year: Sophomore

Why UMaine: I wanted to get out of Massachusetts but stay in New England and attend a somewhat bigger school.

Campus Involvement: Intramural basketball.. GO HOT SHOTS… UNDEFEATED….


Best friends: Sadie Goulet, Lilah Gagnon, Molly Nicholson, Erika Everett

Best place to meet people at UMaine: BRADBURY

Best Class: Human Sexuality – all about learning the new moves.

Best Professor: Professor Townsend


Favorite song to sing in your car to: Rico’s story (all three parts) (yes I have them all memorized)

Favorite song to dance to at a party: Outta Your Mind Lil Jon

What’s your favorite Yankee Candle scent: Pink sands

What’s your favorite Snapchat filter: The bee filter

Top Three’s

Three favorite things about UMaine:

1.Tobacco free campus

2. The wifi

3. Parking

Top three things on your bucket list

1. Skydiving

2. Travel to every state

3. Live in Alaska

Top three things to do on a snow day

1. Shoveling out my car

2. Watching Netflix

3. Eating food

Top three favorite college memories

1. Getting three parking tickets in one day

2. Losing half of my facial skin in the Belgrade parking lot on Maine day

3. SAE’s fall formal ’15

Describe your job in three words: (OHOP)

1. Fun

2. Yummy

3. Rewarding (seven pounds of pure pizza)

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My name is Lilah Gagnon and I attend the University of Maine. I'm double majoring in Political Science and Sociology and plan to attend law school after graduating. In my free time I like to go to the beach, cook, and exercise.
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