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Profile: Lauren Powers

Basic Facts:

Name: Lauren Powers 

Hometown: Hastings, New York

Birthday: May 6, 1995

Major: Psychology with a minor in CHF

Year: Senior

Campus Life:

Why UMaine? I did the 100 mile wilderness run when I was in high school and I fell in love with UMaine, I got accepted to the University and after I toured I knew that this is where I wanted to be. 

How have you gotten involved on campus? I’m a proud sister of Chi Omega, a member of I’m That Girl, and a TA for Dr. Sandra Caron’s CHF 351 class. 

Best thing you recommend for UMaine students to do in order to get involved? Join clubs that interest you and will promote you to be the best version of yourself! There are so many clubs that have to do with your major or interests, and Greek Life of course!


Favorite class you have taken? Women’s Sexuality 

Favorite place to eat in Orono? Wing Night at Roost. 

Favorite food? Pasta (has to be the real deal)

Favorite sports team? Whoever the cute guy in the bar is rooting for. 

Favorite show? Broad City

Best friends? My Chi Omega sisters (you know who you are), Destiny B, Caleb, Sam, whatever girl I bond with in the Broom on the weekend, and all my TA’s. 

Future/Experience at UMaine:

What are your plans after graduation? During the summer I’ll be going to Florida to help my mom start up her business. I got accepted into an internship program in Israel which I am really excited about because I went on birthright last summer and got super involved with Judaism. I love to go over there, the food is bomb and the culture is amazing. 

Something that you are really proud of during your time at UMaine? I’m really proud that I’ve been able to work with Dr. Caron so closely; she really showed me what it meant to be a feminist. Also being able to work with such a well-known psychologist and just be a mentor/TA for students has been amazing. 

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