Profile: Jacob Posik

Basic Facts

Name: Jacob Posik

Hometown: Turner, ME

Relationship Status: Single

Sign: Libra

Twitter: JPosik59

Instagram: JPosik59


Campus Life

Major: Political Science

Year: I’m on the 4.5 year plan

Why UMaine: It’s so close to Burby & Bates

How are you involved on campus? Formerly the president of SAE, currently the news editor of The Maine Campus and I say I’m in College Republicans but I’ve never attended a meeting...

What other writing do you do outside of The Maine Campus? I write for The Maine Wire, a conservative news and opinion service operated by the Maine Heritage Policy Center, and also maintain a Bangor Daily News blog called Top Shelf Gripe


Best friends: Most of them have graduated – but anyone willing to play beer die on a week night. Shout out to the gents of SAE

Best place to meet people at UMaine: The Bear Brew on Wednesday nights for $1 wells. I’m always there and have probably met you once or twice

Best professor: Without a doubt, Robert Glover. If you’ve ever had him, you know

Best class: My capstone – Practicum Engaged Policy Studies. Real life work with an outstanding professor ^^

Best thing to do on the weekends here: Drink beer (must be 21, sorry kiddos)



Favorite song to dance to at a party: That new Timmy Turner song, only because it’s so bad I can’t help but like it

Favorite song to listen to alone while driving your car: Me and Julio down by the schoolyard by Simon and Garfunkel

Favorite place to eat in Orono: Margaritas after 9 p.m. ($1.50 chicken chimi’s)

Favorite memory at UMaine: The Ted Cruz rally was pretty cool

Best thing you’ve written for The Maine Campus: Once a year, The Maine Campus publishes an edition of satirical articles and last year I wrote one about how Dr. Dana is actually two small children stacked on top of each other under an overcoat rather than a single human being.


Top Three’s

What are the top three things on your bucket list? Visiting Ireland, drinking at Disney Land and running for public office Top three things to do at UMaine? Campus golf, play beer die and join Greek Life

What are the top 3 things about graduating? So far I’m enjoying the super senior year victory lap, taking a few easy gen ed. courses and playing a lot of die. Almost being done is a good feeling