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Profile: Colin Ridley

Baseball season has officially begun, and with the warm weather coming soon there will be tons of home games right at the Mahaney Diamond. To start off the season right, meet sophomore outfielder Colin Ridley! 

Basic Facts:

Name: Colin Ridley

Hometown: Harwich, MA

Sign: Leo

Twitter: @UKnowNothing_ 

Instagram: colin.riskey

Nickname(s) : “Rids”


Campus Life:

Major: Communication

Year: Sophomore

Why UMaine?: For baseball 


Best friends: I don’t judge my friends as a hierarchy, they’re all good to me.

Best class: I’d have to say the best one was CMJ 107 with Bridie McGreavy.

Best things about UMaine baseball: The guys on the team 

Best Snapchat filter: The bee… bring back the bee filter.


Favorite things:  Fishing, being on the water, & dogs. 

Favorite song to dance to at a party: Has to be anything Fall Out Boy.

Favorite song to listen to alone while driving your car: Anything Taylor Swift 

Favorite place to eat in Orono: The Boomhouse 

Favorite memory so far at UMaine: Getting a grand slam last year as a freshman.

Favorite OHOP pizza to get: BBQ chicken 

Favorite Netflix binge watching show: I don’t have one! I finished Scrubs and there was an empty void in my heart, but I have been watching Californiacation and I love it.

Favorite songs to workout/get pumped up to: “Too Much Sauce” by Future

Favorite Food: Fish & Chips 

Favorite movie: Zoolander 


Top Three’s:

Top three things to do at UMaine?

1. Hang out with my friends

2. Hang out with my professors

3. Party 

Most embarrassing moment: “I got pantsed in McDonalds one time, and I was just naked in front of the cashier.” 

What are you most looking forward to this season?  Winning games. 


*All photos belong to the subject*

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