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Pilot Pete’s season of The Bachelor was an...  INTERESTING one to say the least. As Chris Harrison says literally every season, it was probably one of the most dramatic and confusing ones yet. If you’re an avid Bachelor fan like myself, you’re probably wondering what some of the most iconic women of the season are up to. I’m here to dish that tea with you!

Starting out with our lovely (sorta but not really) finalist Hannah Ann!! Despite quite a few rumors of her dating NFL player Mason Rudolph, she has very confidently stated in a recent interview how she is completely single and thriving! She has also recently collabed on a new collection with Boohoo fashion, which she has been promoting all over her Instagram, @hannahann. Go check it out!!

Next up is Madison Prewett, our (sorta but not really) runner-up with deeply personal religious values. As of today, she is not trying to pursue a relationship and has stated in multiple interviews how she is trying to take time for herself and her heart to heal. You might have also noticed Madison wearing a special bracelet on The Bachelor, occasionally explaining how her whole family has them to cope with the long-distance. In honor of this, the Prewett family released a collection of jewelry with the brand My Saint My Hero called "The Prew Crew Family Virtues Collection". It is now available for purchase online!

Now onto Victoria Fuller, who was known for having a pretty crazy past with relationships, such as dating country singer Chase Rice…. Remember when producers made him play a song at their one-on-one? (Awkward!) As soon as the show ended, people were speculating about a relationship with former Bachelor Chris Soules on the down-low. On Nick Viall’s Viall Files podcast, Victoria said that they decided to go their separate ways and that she wasn’t ready to commit to living in Iowa with him. She is planning on moving to either Nashville or Los Angeles soon, and she hopes they could possibly do long-distance.

Kelsey Weier - our champagne-gate queen - hasn’t disclosed any information about whether or not she’s in a relationship. If she is, she’s good at keeping it on the DL. She has been partnering with many companies to promote their products, such as WW (formerly Weight Watchers), Bondiboost, and Eye Buy Direct. 

Kelley Flanagan, the lawyer who actually met Peter at a hotel before the show and claimed they were destined to be together, DID end up winning Peter’s heart months after the show ended. Nowadays they do cute little travel vlogs together. It also seems that Barb, Peter's mother, approves of her, which is a big relief!

Mykenna Dorn, the iconic fashion blogger with the memorable facial expressions, seems to still be thriving, and is showcasing that through her Instagram (@mykenna)! She is a fashion blogger but seems to have been putting that aside for a while. There have been no speculations of relationship status for her, but who knows, maybe she has a secret quarantine man?

Tammy Kay Ly, who was known for getting into some memorable disputes with Kelsey, Mykenna, and Sydney, has been doing quite a lot business-wise. On the show she is labeled as a “House Flipper” but she is apparently also working FIVE other jobs in insurance, investing, marketing, bartending, and acting. You go, girl! On her Insta, @tammykayly, she posts Money Mantra Mondays, where she gives advice on investing, budgeting, and the real estate market. 

Natasha Parker, who managed to make it to the final six without ever having a one-on-one, has been working nonstop. Shortly after she was eliminated, she tweeted that she couldn’t even watch one of The Bachelor episodes because she was working so late! She is currently the brand marketing director for a restaurant group known as Everyday Hospitality. She also seems to be taking some time to relax, though. Recently, she hosted a meditation class at the Tripoli Gallery of Contemporary Art. Get you a girl who can do both!

Alayah Benavidez, the pageant queen whom everyone accused of being fake because her voice was a little more high-pitched on camera, just moved to a new apartment in Texas. She also decided to go back to school!! No known relationship status, except apparently a random guy on a bike asked her to marry him during one of her photoshoots... so that’s something!

Finally, we have Sydney Hightower, a retail marketing manager who started a lot of drama involving Alayah and the other girls. Just recently, she announced that she’s been in a relationship with Fred Warner, a football linebacker for the San Francisco 49ers. She has also been doing a lot of marketing and modeling and doing promotions for brands such as Vivrelle, Maddox Closet, and South Moon Under.

Well, there you go. The tea has officially been spilled about their busy, yet exciting lives. Clearly, the girls have moved on from all of the Bachelor drama to go do their own things. The final four even met up recently, and went on a picnic and biking in California! They all seem to be thriving, so cheers to them for making it through yet another truly crazy and unexpected season of the Bachelor!

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Logan is a rising third-year student attending the University of Maine! She is a Her Campus editorial intern and the president of the Her Campus UMaine chapter. Outside of Her Campus, she loves photography, fitness, and playing some good 'ol Animal Crossing.
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