Outfits to Wear Around the Living Room on Thanksgiving

It’s time to reunite with your favorite cousins, have the ultimate cheat day, and avoid discussing politics with your uncle. Happy Thanksgiving everyone! It’s a tough time of the year to be the celebrity of the family and find what you’re going to wear in order to impress your dog, grandparents, and/or Instagram feed. Whether you’re trying to make your parents assume you have your life together, avoiding talking about being single with your grandma, or just trying to find something that’ll stretch in order to consume an inhumane amount of food—I have a few ideas for you.

The “I know what I’m doing”

Try a skirt, tights, sweater, and booties for a fall cozy look! I prefer to wear outfits like this when I don’t want people asking what I want to do with my life. Wear an outfit like this and everyone just thinks you’re applying for jobs and ending the semester with a 4.0.


“No Unbuttoning Necessary”

If you’re hanging out at home and don’t have anyone to impress then the food is all that matters. Try comfy joggers paired with the coziest sweatshirt I’ve ever owned.


“No Paps Please”

If you want to set the standards high and be the grandkid making a fashion statement, try this look:

Faux fur, leather, or bright colors are a great way to appear as if you have fans. Wear oversized sunglasses at the table if you really want to avoid socialization. An autograph book never hurt anyone either.


            No matter your style and whether you care to dress nicely or not, remember what Thanksgiving is all about. Enjoy the day with family or friends and be thankful for those you love!


Pictures: Forever 21