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“New Girl” Is Extremely Underrated- Let’s Talk About It

This article is written by a student writer from the Her Campus at U Maine chapter.

If you know me, then you know I like a good comfort show. Last year I binged Gilmore Girls, which was a wonderful comfort show blending simple small-town vibes with elements of fun and exciting romance. Although I loved that show, I knew it was time to transition to something else. 

When I first started watching New Girl, it was with my mom five years ago. She abruptly wanted to stop watching, because she realized that she’s seen most of the show on daytime television, and she didn’t wanna rewatch it. I was enraged because I was getting SO sucked in. Flash forward to now, I’ve been forcing my boyfriend to watch it with me. It’s a show that I’m so happy to get back into, but I’m realizing that it’s rather underrated. 

The show focuses on Jessica Day, a young woman living with three single men after a rather rough breakup. This show is hilarious due to all of the unique and entertaining characters! They also get into some of the FUNNIEST situations that showcase each characters’ amazing humor. Jess is a rather goofy, lighthearted lead character who’s just an absolute queen. Nick is a bartender who may or may not develop an on-again off-again relationship with Jess. Schmidt is a hilarious guy who cares about his appearance to an entertaining extent. Winston is the third roommate, and one of the best characters in the show (in both mine and my boyfriend’s opinion). He loves cats, and he’s just along for the ride honestly.

I’ve been watching this show SO MUCH recently. I’ve been really stressed over the past few weeks, so watching this absolute gem of a show takes away any troubles from the day! I just feel like this show doesn’t get much appreciation. It’s famously known for being one of the most underrated sitcoms! I highly recommend watching this show if you haven’t, because every single character is terrific. The relationships between the characters seem so authentic, and it just gives off happy fun vibes. Even if there’s a sad scene, it’s always made into something hysterically funny. PLEASE go watch New Girl if you need a show to lift your spirits! There’s nothing quite like it, I promise. 

    (p.s. I’m only on season four so please don’t spoil anything thank you)

Logan Swift

U Maine '23

Logan is a rising third-year student attending the University of Maine! She is a Her Campus editorial intern and the president of the Her Campus UMaine chapter. Outside of Her Campus, she loves photography, fitness, and playing some good 'ol Animal Crossing.