New Gifford's Flavors to Try

Giffords is a Maine summer tradition that dates back almost a hundred years. Founded in Skowhegan, Maine Gifford's Ice Cream provides world-class ice cream to more than a million people each summer at their stands. And while they have over a hundred unique ice cream flavors here are the newest scoops from Giffords.

    In 2019 Gifford’s introduced five new flavors available at their various stands across the state. The flavors are Pink Fla-Mango Frozen Yogurt, Unicorn Delight, Blackberry Cobbler, Vanilla (no fat no sugar added), Aroma Joes PB Mocha, and Watermelon Sherbet. As an ice cream lover, I thought it was my duty to try some of these flavors out and give Mainers the scoop on Giffords new flavors.


Pink Flamingo:

I tried this new frozen yogurt flavor first and boy did it start off ice cream season with a bang. The pink and orange swirls not only look incredibly Instagram worthy but taste delicious too. If you are into fruity light ice creams instead of the rich heavy flavors this is definitely for you. The grapefruit flavor pairs deliciously with the mango and it gives a real tropical taste. I give this one 4 scoops out of five!


Unicorn Delight:

Unicorn delight sure did not disappoint. It looks so whimsical and fun with a pinkish purple swirl and confetti throughout! This ice cream is vanilla based but far from boring. With small sprinkles and a mix of bubblegum ice cream, unicorn delight is the ultimate ice cream for anyone with a sweet tooth. Even though bubble gum just isn't my favorite flavor I can't help but enjoy this bright treat. I rate this flavor 3 scoops out of five!


Blackberry Cobbler:

This is the one flavor I honestly was not that excited to try. I am not the hugest black raspberry fan but this flavor may have converted me into one! This flavor is also a vanilla base but with a black raspberry swirl and vanilla cookie pieces that provide just the right amount of crunch. All around this is such a homey flavor and I love it. I would say this gets 4.5 scoops out of five.


Aroma Joes PB Mocha:

Oh. My. God. This flavor has filled my coffee addicted soul with joy. The coffee flavor of Aroma Joes blends so well with the chocolate of Giffords, the addition of peanut butter and chocolate chips just sends this decadent flavor over the top! Any college student at UMaine knows how amazing Aromas is but now we have it in ice cream, you can't get any better than that. This one gets five scoops out of five for sure!