#NEDAwareness at UMaine

Eating disorders and mental health in general are issues that continue to be swept under the rug. As members of Active Minds, we try to shed light on the issues people are too nervous to acknowledge. Eating Disorder Awareness Week is meant to remind people that everyone is fighting their own battle, and you may not even know a person is sick. Be kind. Remind people that they're good enough as they are. Encourage healthy relationships with mind and body. And love yourself and others for who they are. 

One of my favorite bible verses comes from Psalm 139:14. "I praise you, for I am fearfully and wonderfully made."

All of us are wonderfully made, and should treat ourselves accordingly. 

Active Minds is an organization at UMaine that is hoping to #EndTheStigma surrounding mental health issues. Check out their Facebook page for more information regarding how they are spreading the word during #NEDAwareness Week.


Tonight, Feb. 25, Active Minds is tabling at the New Balance Student Recreation Center. Make sure to stop by!