Money Saving Tips for a Cash Strapped College Student


Most of us understand what it is like to be a poor college student, and it’s that time of the semester where the money you worked you A** off for all summer is dwindling fast and you restock the bank account until winter break. Here are some tips get by financially in college when the money gets tight.


The Booze factor

-Be conscientious. You do not need top shelf alcohol to have a good time. Most people probably wouldn’t know the difference if you put Pinnacle in a Grey Goose bottle.               

-If you are going out, pre-game first! Have a few drinks at home. It will save you from having to buy a couple drinks at the bar. Or you can use that money saved to buy that special person a drink (ladies can buy guys drinks as well!).

-Only bring a certain amount of money. Giving the bar tender your credit card is basically a promise to spend WAY more than you intended on spending.

-Avoid buying drinks at restaurants. Restaurants usually mare of the price anywhere from 75-400 percent. If you insist on having a drink at dinner, find a BYOB restaurant.


-Ask around before you buy a book. You never know if someone you know has taken the class and will let you borrow the book.

-Check online. Amazon and other similar sites have great deals on textbooks.

-Go for the “USED” option. Used books are normally a lot cheaper.

-If you insist on buying new, look for the “international edition” of the book. They are a lot cheaper, and almost identical.

-Sell your books back online. It may be a little more work, but the money you get back will be worth it.



-If you have a meal plan, use it! Do not eat off campus when you have food you have already paid for.

-Dunkin Donuts and Starbucks are great, but that $2.50 turns into almost $40 dollars a month if you get coffee every other day.

-Look in your local newspaper for coupons and local deals for restaurants.

-Bottled water is a gigantic plastic waste. Spend the money on a reusable water bottle, and the cost will cover itself quicker that you would believe.

-Shop according to your budget. We all love a good homemade meal, but be smart!



-If you need to buy a gift, try making something yourself. Crafting can be really cheep, effective, and possibly even fun!          

-Ask yourself Want or Need? You will be amazed how much you realize you don’t need to buy.

-Need a shirt to go out in? Check a local thrift store or consignment shop. Or if you’re in a retail store, look on the sale rack first.

-You may have to sacrifice the salon done nails and have your roommate do it for you, but you will save a ton of money.

-Maybe the most exclusive salons and stores are a little out of budget. Explore the options online, and maybe you can find a less expensive alternative.


Make some money at school

-Look on campus or around town for a job. A lot of places look to hire students.

-Donate blood or plasma. It’s tedious and time consuming, but a sure way to get some reading done that you were going to “forget” about.

-Tutor students on campus in a subject you did well in.

-Participate in studies. Many times you get paid for not much time and effort.

Handle the money you have wisely.

-Make sure to get a free checking and savings account so banks can’t charge you for little things.

-Make sure to keep an eye on your funds. Overdraw fees will sneak up with you, and can really get you!

-Be eerie of credit cards. And if you have to have one, make sure to get the lowest interest rate possible and pay your bills as quickly as possible.

-Safe loose change. It will amaze you how much money you actually have in change.


There are many ways to save some money in college and still have a little (or maybe a little too much) fun in college. Budgeting is the key to keeping yourself financially stable!





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