Logan Swift: Staff Writer Showcase

This week, Her Campus at the University of Maine is showcasing one of our own, staff writer and Co-President Logan Swift. Logan is a second-year Marketing major with a minor in Media Studies from Gorham, Maine. Along with being a star student, she is incredibly involved with student life on campus. Logan is a part of four organizations: CHAARG, The Maine Campus, Her Campus, and a new member of Alpha Omicron Pi. Logan has been a member of Her Campus since joining college and has taken on the executive role of Co-President this year alongside Quinn Galletta. In her role as Co-President, she is a leader in the University of Maine chapter along with being a representative for our chapter on a national level with the Her Campus headquarters. Logan is very busy with various tasks such as writing, editing, and overseeing the Her Campus marketing team. She has enjoyed her time so much working for Her Campus that she aspires to work for Her Campus nationally after college in social media and marketing!

Logan shared many things she has gained from being a member and carrying an executive position for Her Campus, specifically leadership, connections with other writers who share the same passions, and opportunities to eventually move up the ladder and work there nationally. Logan loves writing and has found that Her Campus is a wonderful opportunity to use her talent.    Along with writing for Her Campus, Logan is an active member of The Maine Campus, the newspaper for the university. She is a Copy Editor, which entails going through drafts of various sections of the journal and editing them each week. Not only is she busy writing for Her Campus and editing for The Maine Campus, but she also has recently been writing a blog! The link’s in her bio, so feel free to check out her stuff!!     

This year, Logan has been active in the University of Maine’s chapter of CHAARG as one of the Event Coordinators. CHAARG is a fitness and wellness organization specifically geared towards women, and showing them that exercise can be super fun and liberating! This is the first year CHAARG has been at the University of Maine, but they have acquired a team of strong women who are making the most of the virtual year. Interestingly enough, CHAARG is originally where Logan met her big for her sorority, Alpha Omicron Pi! 

    Logan knew from the start she wanted to eventually be involved in Greek life here at UMO, but she was initially intimidated by adjusting to freshman year and was hesitant to go through the rush process! She had then considered joining the beginning of her sophomore year but things were chaotic with the switch to online school, and her heavy extracurricular load she already had, so she did informal bidding this spring! Logan accepted her bid from AOPi a few weeks ago and totally LOVES it so far. She is so excited to continue her relationships with such amazing women in Greek life!

    As you can tell Logan Swift is one busy lady! She has really taken advantage of all of the student life that the university has to offer! On top of school and clubs, Logan has a passion for photography, she is a Leo, and she just so happens to know 73 DIGITS OF PI!! Call me a math nerd, but that is SO cool! Basically Logan Swift is paving her way through life while also enjoying her college days the best she can!