Logan’s Guide to a Socially Distanced Thanksgiving

Thanksgiving is a truly wonderful time to gather with family and friends. Sadly, those usual festivities will be canceled for a lot of families due to COVID-19. Even though restrictions are in place, there are still  ways to connect with family members for the holiday. Here are three of my suggestions for spending time with loved ones safely this Thanksgiving!

  1. 1. Thanksgiving Food Drop-Off

    This idea is something my family and I are doing this year! We plan on cooking for my grandparents, and then dropping food off for them to enjoy. Even though we won’t be able to do the full Thanksgiving festivities, it’s still heartwarming for us to be able to give them food and show our thanks!

  2. 2. Sitting on the Deck

     If you have an outdoor tent on your deck, you might actually be able to eat with loved ones safely. Just make sure there is enough space to ensure social distancing! It’s also starting to get chilly outside, so it would be most ideal if you had an outdoor heater. That way you could be safe and comfortable with your family for Thanksgiving!

  3. 3. Thanksgiving over Zoom

    If you have a lot of family or relatives who live far away, it’s probably best to celebrate over Zoom. Zoom announced that they would be getting rid of the typical 40 minute limit to calls so people could have as much time with family as possible! Zoom has been such a lifesaver when it comes to connecting with people in 2020. It’s amazing that they’re doing so much to ensure people have that special time during the holidays!

These are some of the ways you can connect with the special people in your lives during such a hard time. It’s so important to follow through with these tips so we can possibly connect with them next year. The more we enforce social distancing rules, the better off we can be in the long run! Happy Thanksgiving!