I Hate Bras

This year, especially as a courtesy of Snapchat, I semi-stalked the trends and people floating through New York Fashion Week and Paris Fashion Week. Weeks later, I’m still left with one impression- bras are not cool anymore, and if they are, they are worn as clothing rather than undergarments. As a girl that can’t get on with bras, I completely support this movement.  I have my reasons, as well as some pretty general factors that make most of us want to burn our bras and hop on the most comfortable trend since, uh, nudists?

Lots of celebs have joined the movement.


1. Free the Nipple!

Equality! Empowerment! Freedom! Any movement that supports no bra is a movement I can get behind. As well as any movement that supports equality for women, obviously.  Remember how embarrassing it was to have nipples showing through sports bras in middle school? I let that go as soon as I saw Kate Hudson in her yellow dress in “How To Lose A Guy in 10 Days”. In my opinion, a little nipping is a great incentive for going braless.


2. Bralettes??

No one can stand there and honestly say that a bra with underWIRE and clasps is more comfortable to wear all day than a fabric bralette. Bralettes are one the of the best trends to ever happen.Sometimes we can’t let the nipple fly free at the dinner table with our parents- throw on that bralette and live life, sister.


3. Lingerie as clothing?

We can probably thank the Kardashians for this one. Distressed blouses with strategic holes and teddies as t-shirts are becoming more and more common. Sure, we can’t pull it off as well as Kim, but these things are tending nonetheless.The perfect baby step into freeing the nipple- freeing the bra!


Clothes aside, the idea behind the Free The Nipple campaign is awesome.  We’re all human, we all have bodies, and most of us were born with two nipples.  The more nipples we see, the more casual it will be.  Sheer shirts, burning bras and lingerie as outerwear are just furthering us as a culture more into body acceptance.  This acceptance includes men’s nipples as well as women’s.  Boobs are fun, everyone has nipples, and fashion is ever-changing and adjusting to the norm- and nipples are the norm!!