How to Winter: For College Commuters

  1. Being on time means being early.  Early for everything. Especially early mornings.  When an unexpected heavy snow fall arrives, I often find myself running late because of the absolutely ABSURD amount of snow that somehow found a way to completely bury my car.  This means about 20 minutes of my morning is inevitably dedicated to trying to defeat the ice monster that has encapsulated my poor vehicle.  Which is why, if you are a commuter, getting up a few extra minutes early may not be a bad idea. 

  2. Check your email!  One of the most frustrating things you can do as a commuter is dedicate your precious sleeping time to an early morning class, only to find out it has been canceled upon your arrival.  Worst of all?  The fact your professor sent an email before you even tried to muster up enough energy to get out of bed.  Just ridiculous.

  3. Do NOT wear leggings when there is a disgustingly high wind chill.  The wind will zip right through that thin layer of fabric and leave you colder than the inside of an ice cream freezer.  However, we have all heard of fleece lined leggings and Old Navy just happens to have a great collection of them.  So if you are a leggings addict, and I most definitely am, then finding some great pairs of lined leggings may not be too bad of an idea.  Thank you to whoever invented such a wonderful item.

  4. Remember the importance of staying hydrated and eating healthy! As cliche as it sounds it’s the gosh honest truth.  Taking care of your body through proper hydration and an adequate diet will leave your immune system with a solid foundation for fighting off all of those nasty viruses, because they seem to find their way around the entirety of every college campus during the coldest part of the year.  Not to mention that taking care of your body will leave you with more energy and less distractions from being hungry during class.  So keep a water bottle and an “on the go” snack with you at all times.  Granola bars, an apple, whatever your favorite mid day treat may be!

  5. Most importantly: Take time to appreciate the beauty of the wonderful winter season!  Winter ‘tis the season for love, laughter, and hot cocoa above all else! Winter is the perfect season to go ice skating, scout out the best Christmas lights, go ice fishing, and do so much more!  Although every time during the semester is a crazy one, just don’t forget to stay warm and enjoy the holidays!