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How to Make This Year Your Best Yet

We’re finally back to school and ready to get back into the swing of things, so here are a couple back to school tips that are essential in being successful, having fun, and making this semester about YOU.



Don’t hesitate to seek outside help if you are having trouble in a class from either the tutoring center or from people you may know comprehend the subject.  It’s better to do it sooner rather than later so you can keep up with your studies, and busy life!


Make time for yourself

As we all know life can get stressful and hectic with everything that is going on during the school year.  Take time to relax, enjoy yourself, hang out with friends, and do things that make you happy. 


Join clubs

This is a great way to put yourself out there to meet people with similar interests as you, and to make new friends that you wouldn’t have met otherwise.  There are so many clubs to choose from on campus, don’t hesitate to join.


Get into a routine

We all need some way of staying sane during the school year whether it be getting a certain amount of sleep, making time for the gym, or getting yourself organized.  It is very important to have a set routine to follow to keep yourself going.


Start Fresh

It’s a brand new semester, it’s time to show yourself what you can accomplish and challenge yourself.  Don’t be afraid to step out of your comfort zone and don’t hold yourself back.  You can start fresh in many aspects of the new school year; friendships, gym routine, eating healthy, getting good grades, and so much more.


Set Goals

The beginning of a semester is the perfect time to set goals, big or small, to try and achieve them.  There is no better feeling than accomplishing something you didn’t think was possible.


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Lindsay is a third year Nursing major at the University of Maine. She enjoys working out, being with friends and family, and is an avid traveler.
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