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How to Dig Yourself out of a Procrastination Hole

After going the whole semester saying “Oh, I don’t need to worry about that assignment, it isn’t due until April!” I’ve realized it’s the end of April and I have almost nothing done. I have dug my procrastination hole so deep it seems too overwhelming to attempt to catch up, can anyone relate? If so, here’s some tips to help get you through the end of the semester strong!

1. First off, treat yourself. Get Aroma’s or a fruited iced tea from Dunkin (Only $2 from 2-6pm!) and mentally prepare yourself.

2. Sit down at a clean work space! This is so important, avoid clutter that will distract you and sit at a desk instead of your comfy bed. It’s all about resisting temptations.

3. Write down a list of everything you have to get done, even small chores! The satisfaction of crossing items of the list will help motivate you to keep pushing through.

4. Set goals and make sure to put in efficient study breaks, if you go 5 straight hours of nonstop work and studying your brain will probably explode. Take 10-15 minute breaks when you hit a goal and snack on some fruit, it will give you a quick energy boost.

5. Shut. Your. Phone. Off. Or at least on airplane mode. I don’t know about you but I can be totally in the zone then get an Instagram notification and I end up scrolling through social media for a half hour.

6. Remember you can do this. Pain is temporary, GPA is forever! Good luck to everyone on last minute assignment and their finals!

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