How to Care for your Nails During the Winter Season

The cold weather is starting to settle in and we need to brace ourselves to fight against the harsh freezing air.  The cold air will not only dry out your skin and hair, but it will also make your nails more brittle and more likely to crack or chip.   Your nails thrive on humidity but the cold air will take out any moisture in them.  As a nail tech, I also hear my clients complain about how their nails break off and crack during the harsh winter months, so here are some ways you can care for your pretty nails with the cold weather. 

Wear Gloves!!

Gloves may not be the first accessories that you think of, but that should change.  Wearing your gloves will protect your nails and retain the moisture.  Just think about how dry your hands get when you’re strolling around in the frigid Maine weather. Well your nails are also getting dried out.
Trim Them Back!!!
I know that most girls want to lengthen their nails, but it’s not ideal when it’s cold out.  Your nails are made from the same protein, keratin, as your hair.  Essentially, your nails are dead keratin cells.  The newer keratin cells are always continuously pushing out the older cells, so the older cells (the white part above your smile line) will become more brittle and should be trimmed off.  Trimming the dead nail will let the newer keratin get enough nutrients to be stronger.
Don’t Trim the Cuticles!
One of the biggest mistakes that people make is to completely trim off all their cuticles.  The only cuticles that anyone should trim off are hangnails and lose skin.  During the warm summer season, trimming off all the cuticles is okay because your hands don’t get as dried out and your cuticles will not crack.  The wild wind and cold snow will wreck havoc on your cuticles and they will become ragged after having your cuticles trimmed.  My best advice is to use a cuticle pusher and push them back and moisturize them.

Use Cuticle Oil!!
Another great way to care for your nails is to use cuticle oil, heavy duty moisturizing lotion, or even olive oil.  Just wash your hands and rub in the oil several times a week will leave your nails looking good and your hands feeling great. 
Wear A Clear Coat!!
Before entering the freezing weather, brush on a quick clear coat.  This will add the extra layer of protection.  Try getting the clear coats with a nail strengthener in it.  This is a great way to make your nails look healthy and avoid cracking or splitting.
Here are some other quick beauty tips for your nails.  Avoid leaving darker colors on your nails for too long and don’t constantly reapply polish because your nails will need to “breathe” so it doesn’t get dried out, so go bare from time to time.  Just remember, your nails are one of your most important accessories, so treat them right. 

photo credit: google images