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Her Campus Profile: Eliana Hall and The March into Summer Challenge

Interview with Eliana Hall, the Personal Trainer, and Coach, behind the “March into Summer” Challenge.

How would you introduce yourself?

“I’m a twenty-three year old Certified Personal Trainer and Graduate Assistant for the Exercise Sciences Department. I am also a certified Health Coach.”

How did you first get into training?

“I have been training for over four years and have a passion for empowering others to live healthy, active lifestyles. I grew up eating healthy and being active, so I have always had an interest in the health and wellness field. After high school, when sports ended, that interest quickly became my passion, hobby, and career path!”

What is the biggest takeaway for you?

“One of the biggest things I have learned is that our bodies are capable of so much, but our mind and habits often limit us. By embracing hard work and self-love, we can reach our fullest potential and fitness is the perfect avenue to do that.”

What is the “March into Summer” Challenge?

“It’s a four-week fitness challenge with three lifting workouts, one cardio/core workout per week! It begins tomorrow and it’s through an app called Ladder (it’s an iPhone exclusive app).”

What is this program focused on?

“The program is focused on getting fit for summer – it’s all about building strength and muscle, losing fat, learning new exercises, and enhancing the quality of movement to prevent injuries!”

Does this program target anything in particular?

“The program includes a bit of everything – strength/heavy lifting, HIIT, muscular endurance training, core work, mobility … you name it! Each exercise comes with a video demonstration and a detailed description.”

What is your role in the program?

“As a coach, I reach out to participants two to three times per week and there will be a video with health tips/recipes/etc., each week during the four weeks!”

How much is the program?

“The program is $99 but if you message Her Campus Instagram or myself mentioning this Her Campus article then it is available for $75!”

Thank you, Eliana, for sharing your program with our chapter, we are excited to see the results and admire your fitness journey as you promote overall body wellness and help others along that journey as well!




Natasha Minskoff is currently a fourth year at the University of Maine where she is double majoring in economics and history. She has been a Staff Writer for Her Campus for almost three years now and loves writing articles about current events and topics she is passionate about. She has served as the Treasurer, Marketing Director, Editor in Chief, and is now serving as the Chapter President for the second semester!
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