Gift Ideas for Long Distance Relationships

Long distance can be achingly difficult, no matter how long you’ve been together or how far you are from each other. No matter if you’ve been separated by land after years of being together, or if you met online and have never even seen them in person, if that person is your entire world it can totally be worth it. Sometimes sending simple gifts is an easy way of showing how much you love your long distance partner, so here is a short list of a few gifts that will remind them how much you care!


  • Letters

Sometimes a good old fashioned letter is the best gift!  It’s a nice surprise and the words come from you. Spray the letter with the perfume you wear so your S/O smells you when they read your letter!


  • Personalized LoveBook

Create a cute gift book to tell your boy or girl why you love them.


  • Distance Jewelry/Keychains

White with black bead & Black with white bead

For LGBT couples: White & Black with rainbow bead

Coordinate bracelets/necklaces/keychains/rings

Distance quotes


  • Mug

Plus you can include some recipes for treats you can make in the mug! (i.e. brownie in a mug)


  • Texts & Photos

Compile your favorite text conversations and photos of each other.


  • T-shirt

Send your favorite shirt for your S/O to wear or to just keep close to them, and if it smells like you that’s even better.


  • Promise Ring

If your relationship is serious enough for you to consider spending the rest of your life together, get each other promise rings to show your commitment.


  • “Open When” Letters

Open’re happy, you’re sad, you’re sick, you’re annoyed/mad at me, you’re having a bad day, you’ve accomplishes a goal, you need a hug, you miss me...the list goes on and on. Add small surprises too like confetti for when it’s their birthday.


  • A ticket or gas money

Depending on the transportation they would have to take, send them the gift of coming to visit you!


  • Fun Socks

Get patterns of things they like, or fuzzy socks for cold weather. You can even get the same for yourself so you have matching socks!


  • State photo map

For a fun DIY project, put together photos of you and your S/O in the shape of the state you live in, or if they live in a different state, both states.


  • Subscription Gift Boxes

This site has tons of different types of boxes that you can choose to subscribe for and have it mailed it to your love!