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Fraternity Friday: Sigma Phi Epsilon Fundraiser with Partners for Peace

This article is written by a student writer from the Her Campus at U Maine chapter.

Over the duration of the past week, Sigma Phi Epsilon (SigEp) has been hosting an annual raffle on the University of Maine mall in support of Partners For Peace, a local nonprofit organization that helps women and men who are victims of domestic violence. The brothers are selling raffle tickets to students and faculty for a chance to win two different gift baskets loaded with gift cards and prizes from local businesses such as Orono House of Pizza, Harvest Moon Deli, Tacorita, Woodmans, and many other restaurants and shops. Alongside the raffle, the brothers have been camping out in a tent on the mall every night this week. At least one brother is on the campus mall 24 hours a day raising money for Partners for Peace. Those wanting to buy tickets can pay with cash or Venmo SigEp Maine Alpha. The raffle will be ending on Friday September 24th at 3 PM, but if you would still like to donate, visit the Partners for Peace website.

This fundraiser comes a few weeks after SigEp’s “Rock against Rape” concert, in which local and university bands/music groups, such as Midnight Breakfast, UMaine Steiners, and Gnocchi, came together to advocate against sexual assault. Partners for Peace was also in attendance to offer support to students that went to the concert, as were other student groups such as Male Athletes Against Violence. 

When brother Aidan Andrews, a third year student, was asked why this fundraiser with Partners for Peace was so important, he answered that “One of the many reasons SigEp works with Partners for Peace is because we recognize that throughout history, men have been the primary perpetrators of domestic violence. Therefore, as men, we believe that we have a responsibility to fight this unseen scourge by educating ourselves and members of the community.”

Ian Ramsay, another brother who is a senior, added, “One of the reasons I joined SigEp was because of our dedication to being an advocate for good causes. As always, feel free to stop by and donate, or just chat with some brothers, we’d love to meet you!”

Ian also noted that “Not only are students supporting a positive group, but with their donation they receive raffle tickets that enter them into winning a drawing, with discounts at local shops that have a monetary value of just over $100.” 

Another brother, Cole Pringle, a third year student, stated that the fraternity “Believes that domestic violence is an important issue because it can affect anyone at any time, and we want to make a difference where we can.”

Thank you to SigEp and Partners for Peace in making our college community a safer, comforting place for students who are struggling with sexual assault and relationship abuse. These efforts are prominent in protecting women and men who may not have had the resources for help prior to SigEp’s advocacy. 

If you or a loved one is a victim of domestic violence and needs help, Partners for Peace offers a 24 hour hotline at this number: ​​1-800-863-9909. 

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