February is Heart Health Month

It’s finally February and what most of us don’t realize is that February is Heart Health Month. This month in which is dedicated to raising awareness to an issue which demands our attention. Heart disease is the number ONE cause of death for both men and women in the United States. The good news is that heart disease is preventable and manageable by making healthy life choices. So, what can you do here at school to improve your heart health and raise awareness?

Wear red this Friday, February 3rd!

National Wear Red Day always lands on the first Friday in February and is recognized to promote heart health and spread awareness. Seeing our campus getting involved and informed would show our support in spreading the word about the importance of heart health.

Go check out the recreation center

Our rec center is such a great place to get in a good workout, whether it be in between classes or after a long day of stress. Working out is a great way to procrastinate all of the homework you need to do and improve your hearth health!

Try and get more sleep

Sleep deprivation is a huge risk to your heart and we as college students are not getting the sleep we need. It’s time to get yourself on a regular sleep schedule; break ended weeks ago!

Cut down on the Hilltop grilled cheeses

I know they’re delicious, but all of that butter and cheese means high levels of sodium and cholesterol. Your heart will thank me later.

Do more of what you love

Make your heart happy and make the memories that will stay with you forever. Go to your first hockey game or join a group on campus that you’re interested in.

Take the stairs

Instead of walking into your dorm or apartment to find the elevator actually on the same level as you for once, have the willpower to pass by it. Flights of stairs add up and who doesn’t like getting in extra steps on their Fitbit?

By adding in these simple and easy steps into your daily life, your risk of heart disease can be reduced and you can encourage others around you to make better choices. Heart disease is a serious issue that has the power to affect us all, so take initiative and don’t forget to wear red this Friday!

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