Everything You Need to Know About the Class of 2019’s Senior Week

My name is Bristyn Leasure and I’m the current President for the class of 2019 at UMaine. Class council has been a little bit of a bumpy road for the past few years. The idea of class councils were beginning to be less and less successful at the university as it was more difficult to get permission to host the events we anticipated. So, it was decided to solely put the senior class council as a seat on senate with UMaine student government. Moving forward, the president of the senior class will be voted in and serving as a representative at senate and cabinet meetings. In such form, this individual will do their best to represent the interests of the senior class to UMSG on a weekly basis.


It has been quite a difficult transition, but I’m hopeful for the classes to come. We tried to plan the senior week events around the feedback from the survey sent out earlier this year. Even the events we have planned were very difficult to get funding for but we worked with what we had and we have some great stuff happening that we hope you’ll like!


Remember that in order to get the deals you NEED to have purchased a $10 bracelet beforehand (Besides the Trampoline event). So get them before they’re gone! You don’t have to be a senior to buy a bracelet and/or attend the events, but you do need to show your bracelet at every event that requires one in order to receive the deals. Please feel free to email me with any questions or concerns about the week, I’m happy to address them!


And without further ado, I truly hope to have a great senior week for the class of 2019 and end our 4 years at the university on a good note. The council has been working tirelessly to make sure these events run smoothly and ensure everyone has a fun and safe time. Let’s celebrate our achievements!


  1. The week will kickoff on Sunday April 28th with a celebration brunch at Orono Brewing Company. It will be the day after the Spring Concert, so I don’t know about you but I’ll definitely need some greasy breakfast sandwiches and crispy tater tots to end my weekend. Oh and a mimosa, and only for $10! OBC is opening early for us and running the event from 10AM-2PM, but stroll in anytime you like. There will also be some games outside and bracelets will be sold at the door, which you need in order to get the deal!
  2. Monday there will bowling at Old Town Bowling from 7PM-10PM. We got the price knocked down to only $5 per person INCLUDING shoe rental (with a bracelet of course). Amazing, thank you Old Town Bowling, you rock.
  3. Tuesday there will be FREE BOWLING FOR ALL UNDERGRAD STUDENTS with a valid Maine card at Orono Trampoline park. Don’t forget your grippy socks or else you’ll have to pay for new ones. Also remember there is no drinking allowed at this event, so please respect the venue. It’s literally the only event we’re doing without alcohol so hopefully everyone can respect their rules!
  4. Wednesday is our last Maine Day. *quiet crying*
  5. Thursday- The bar crawl! Hoping everyone has checked out the deals because they’re fantastic. They are posted on our Instagram @UMaine2019classcouncil. There will be a hefty SEVEN bars participating with separate deals. Yes it’s the day after Maine Day, but hopefully everyone will be fully recovered by 5PM the next day. Starts at OBC and ends at OHOP. Of course you do not need to attend all locations on the schedule, but the deals are honestly too good not to. This may be your last bar crawl in Orono!
  6. Friday will be a beer and wine mixer at the Buchanan Alumni house. If you’ve never been to the alumni building, be happy to call it your new and beautiful home as alumnae! The staff is great and the interior is simply stunning. This event will not necessarily be formal, but a little more elegant and/or classy. Jeans and t-shirts are fine. There will be lots of yummy food to enjoy.


Stay updated on our social media because there are a few more surprises in the works that you won’t want to miss!!


On behalf of the 2019 Class Council, we hope to see many of you at at-least a couple of the events we have planned for everyone. A lot of hard work, time, and money has been put into planning them and we truly just want everyone to have a good time. After all, we have completed our degrees and we deserve to celebrate together, one last time! Congrats to us, we did it!