Essentials You Need to Slay this Spring

Warmer weather is finally here in Orono, and all I have to say is it’s about damn time! Snow is pretty and all but every Black Bear knows that darty szn is the best season, and luckily for us (and you!) our Spring Survival Kits have everything we need to make this spring the best one yet. Here’s where it’s at:


Alba Botanica

The one drawback to sunny days is potential skin damage, which I for one am not a fan of. This SPF 45 sunscreen is not only practical but also smells AMAZING. It’s all natural and no animal testing which we are all about! Slather some on just before you head out and you’re good to go for hours.


L’Oreal Paris Sublime Bronze

Again we hate sun damage on our skin buuuuut we also don’t like to be pale (unless you’re a red-head in which case you rock the pale perfect skin!). Thankfully L’Oreal is giving us a happy medium with easy to apply towelettes. Just ask our Editor-in- Chief Mary, they are a godsend and don’t leave streaks.


Bed Head by TIGI

Perfect hair is a necessity for the perfect Instagram and a little spritz of anti-frizz spray and hair spray from Bed Head and you will have perfect photo-ready hair. These two products are seriously daily lifesavers.

Almay and Buxom

Eye shadow from Almay and lip color from Buxom will give you that perfect pop of color for spring! The coral and gold shadows and pink and red lipsticks are fun and absolutely in!

Krazy Glue

Okay bear with me on this. Everyone always laughs at me when I say that krazy glue is a must have in your house. It is the perfect fix to anything that breaks. I use it most often for when my nails break. Its one of those things you don’t think about it until you need it so think about it now and get yourself some Krazy Glue.