Emotions You Have Going Home for Thanksgiving Break

Going home for Thanksgiving break comes with a roller coaster of emotions. No matter how far you have to drive, whether it be an hour or 6 hours, you will still have a moment of the different emotional stages that come with going home for break.


  1. Impatience

You're at the point where you just cant wait to leave campus. You are probably dreading being in class and counting down to the moment you are able to head home. This is when minutes feel like hours, and you are getting impatient with still being on campus.


  1. Relief

You get relief when you finally get to head home. You put your bag in your car and start driving. Finally the impatience of two days of classes are over and you are able to leave. You survived up until this point in the semester. You are relieved to finally being able to head home.


  1. Excitement

This probably occurs half way through your drive. This is when you are thinking of the feast (and leftovers) to come. Also you get to see your pets. Lets be real that’s one of the hardest things about college is leaving your pets at home. The excitement on your way home is at its peak to be home.


  1. Annoyance

You're almost home. Whether it be the last 10 minutes of the trip or last hour you reach a point of annoyance. You just want to be home and out of your car. You are sick of staring at the road and just want to not be in a car for a bit. Hopefully it doesn’t last too long


  1. Thankfulness

This feeling occurs when you pull into your drive way. You made it. And you can finally enjoy vacation.


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