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Dog Breeds to Fit Your Personality

Are you always on the go?

Are you an outdoorsy person who loves hiking, camping, kayaking, or just doing anything to keep active? Or are you a person that is just too busy throughout the day and unable to stop and relax before crashing in your bed? There are dogs that fit for you!

Basset Hounds– This breed is perfect if you work all day! They have low activity levels throughout the day and wouldn’t mind just relaxing at home and sleeping the hours away. And if you find you need a good cuddle in the evening they are perfect for that too!

Maltese– These cute spunky pups are great small dogs that would love to curl up on the couch and just wait for your return. They have no tendency to tear up a house or chew your shoes when they are bored.

Welsh Corgi– Despite their small stature and tiny legs, this breed loves the great outdoors! Thy are fast and love to keep up with you. Not to mention you have the best view when their cute little corgi butts waddle down the trail in front of you.

Ridgeback– If you’re looking for a dog on the bigger side, the Ridgeback is great. This dog was bred to hunt lions! That says a lot about their activity levels and love of being outside.


Are you a stay in kind of person?

Do you like to come home, throw on those pajamas, and binge watch Netflix all night after a long day of work or classes? Do you also like endless cuddles while doing so?  So do these dogs!

Newfoundland– If you like big dogs that give the best cuddles, the newfoundland is easy to please. They like to stretch out next to you, vegetate, and join you for the new season of Queer Eye. Yaaaaas queen!!

Bulldogs– These chubby pups love to have their bellies rubbed. They are very devoted and are one of the most affectionate dog breeds. Those sad eyes and smooshed faces only a mother could love give you all the reasons you need to stay in bed and not feel guilty.

Pomeranian– If you want a small dog with all the fluff to keep your feet warm, then a pomeranian fits the description. They aim to please and are very affectionate.

American Eskimo Dog– More fluff and a bigger breed. They are one of the most lovable breeds. They are well behaved and very obedient with proper training.

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