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Danielle’s Declassified Tailgating Guide: What’s in My Fanny Pack

This article is written by a student writer from the Her Campus at U Maine chapter.

The fanny pack is an underappreciated yet highly convenient bag that is every smart person’s accessory, and my choice of bag when it comes to tailgating! The best part of the fanny pack is the way it is carried on a person because it can also be utilized as a bloated belly cover (and who doesn’t need that after drinking a few beers?). The most important part of the fanny pack however, is what is in it. When planned properly all the essentials for the day will fit.

The fanny pack I tote around is a white Everest Signature Waist Pack. It cost only $8.48 and can be bought from Amazon which is awesome if you have Amazon Prime because free shipping! This fanny pack comes in varying colors and multiple styles, so there is definitely a style you could find that fits your tastes.

My fanny pack contains three pockets of varying sizes. In the very front pocket I put my school ID card, my license, my debit card, cash and the key to my apartment. In the middle pocket, which is the biggest, I put my disposable camera, nips, lemonade packets, a protein bar or bag of goldfish and my phone. The best part about this pocket is that it can also fit a seltzer or two depending on how you pack it. The very last pocket is perfect for placing any feminine products or products you may use for protection. This pocket can also fit your phone if you chose.

No matter how you’re packing for homecoming though, make sure you bring all your essentials and stay warm! Happy homecoming black bears!

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