Danielle’s Declassified Homecoming Survival Guide

It’s that time of year again: homecoming season! The weekend of home games where it feels like Christmas. Where everyone comes out to show their school spirit and interact with their peers. For many, this may include a few drinks along with minimal sleep due to participation in the weekend’s festivities. Never fear for your liver and skin though, because I am here to make sure you have a fun weekend that won’t carry over in to the next week.

First things first, prep for the weekend. One doesn’t arrive to Christmas Eve unprepared just like you don’t want to arrive to the beginning of homecoming weekend not ready to slay. Choose your favorite sport drink and buy at least three. I recommend the ones with lower sugar because you don’t want a sugar crash and for sensitive stomachs, it may sit better. I recommend that you drink one on Friday before going out, one Saturday morning, one Saturday after tailgating festivities, and one Sunday morning. Also, drink lots of water in the week leading up and throughout the weekend. Having a glass of water after every couple of drinks won’t ruin your buzz but will help to lessen the hangover!

Another step is to prep before you go out by leaving a bottle of water, makeup wipes, and a snack set for when you get home and get ready for bed. My favorite go to snack is a Celeste pizza. They don’t break the bank due to the fact they only cost a dollar and only take two minutes in the microwave to heat up. Plus, they’re less than 400 calories which is a nice bonus. By having a mini meal/snack already at home you’re less likely to spend money on takeout and even worse, possibly falling asleep on the delivery guy (which is not a mistake you want to make, trust me!).

By having make-up wipes by your bed, they’re in plain view when you get home so it’ll be one of the first things to cross your mind that you need to do. Removing your make-up will save your skin by the end of the weekend. A face mask before your weekend begins and at the end of your weekend is also smart to remove impurities, dead skin, and cleanse your pores. Clay masks are always a great choice and can be bought for under $2 at places like Walmart and Target.

The most important thing, besides having fun, is to be safe. Make sure you have a designated driver or a plan to arrive to and from your destination safely. Stay in contact with your friends throughout the day and even share locations with each other. Make sure you know where they are even if you don’t stay together. If you have friends visiting, making a note with your address, number, and name for them to keep is also a good idea. Not everyone will know how to get around your college town, and a small reminder could help them. I will be writing in sharpie on my sisters arm this information to ensure that if she gets lost, she has a reminder right in her face about where to go and who to contact (aka me). And remember to have fun, homecoming only comes once a year!