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Christmas Music That’s Legal Before Thanksgiving

It’s just about that time of year when it’s slightly too early for Christmas music, but you can’t really watch Halloween movies anymore either. Thanksgiving is coming up, but we don’t exactly have too many bops around that holiday. I just want to listen to some festive music without being told that it’s not time for Christmas songs yet. To get around this predicament, I found a bit of a loophole. I collected some songs that really give off Christmas vibes without actually being Christmas songs. No one can give you a hard time about these ones because technically they don’t count as Christmas music. 

  1. Pennies From Heaven – Louis Prima, Keely Smith, and Sam Butera & The Witnesses

This one is 100% due to the fact that it’s used in that one scene in Elf, which is arguably the best Christmas movie of our generation. Will Ferrell really outdid himself in this movie. Now because of him, I can’t hear this song without thinking about Christmas.

  1. Baby I’m Yours – Arctic Monkeys

This song would be one that you find in a cheesy Hallmark movie. I’ll set the scene for you; the main girl Jessica finally gets with the small-town guy Brad after admitting that deep down, she really does love Christmas after all. They live happily ever after, and time flashes forward to them with seven kids, three dogs, and a house covered in so many Christmas decorations that even Santa would be impressed. 

  1. The Way You Look Tonight – Frank Sinatra

I don’t know if it’s the slightly jazzy feel or just the magic of Frank Sinatra, but this song just exudes a night out on the town during Christmas time. I’m feeling a dark evening in the city with light snowfall, and string lights draping across every shop window.

  1. It’s Not Living (If It’s Not With You) – The 1975

Okay, hear me out. Initially no, it doesn’t sound like a Christmas song. I’ll explain myself in four words; Disney Channel Christmas Special. This would be featured in one and we both know it. 

  1. Dream A Little Dream Of Me – Ella Fitzgerald and Louis Armstrong

This song makes me think of a happy couple pulling out the Christmas decorations and putting them up together on a chilly evening. A little bit of hot chocolate is warming up in the kitchen while they put the lights on the tree. No, I’m definitely not crying while I type this. There’s just something in my eyes. You know what – let’s just move on to the next song. 

  1. You Make Me Feel So Young- Frank Sinatra

Back to good old Frank Sinatra. I feel like if you search hard enough, his songs are featured in just about any classic Christmas movie there is. I would also like to mention that this song is featured in Elf as well, which just adds to this song’s holiday validity. 

  1. Baby It’s Cold Outside – Idina Menzel, Michael Bublé

Here’s one that’ll really throw you off your rhythm. This song doesn’t actually mention Christmas once. Yes, it’s played without fault at almost every Christmas party you’ve ever been to, but technically I can include it in this article and nobody can tell me otherwise. 

  1. Jingle Bells – James Pierpont

I’m about to blow your mind with this one. Actually, quite a few people know this so it’s not that cool, but for the sake of my pride, please just act surprised when you read this next part. “Jingle Bells” isn’t actually a Christmas song. Our man, James Pierpont wrote it originally about sled races in his town that didn’t even take place around Christmas time, but actually closer to Thanksgiving. 

I hope I’ve provided a few good options for some festive songs that you’re legally allowed to listen to before Thanksgiving. Don’t let anybody put a damper on your premature holiday cheer. It’s okay if you put your tree up as soon as the calendar switches to November. Go get ‘em you big ole Santa-lover. 

My name is Brooke Howlett and I'm an education major at the University of Maine. I have a passion for reading, people, writing, stars, and learning new things.
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