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The Christine B. Foundation: Eastern Trek for Cancer 2018

In a world where suffering is too common, it is important to recognize the value of volunteerism. Life is often unpredictable and full of tragedy, and it can be difficult for some to maintain a positive outlook. With the help of those who care, however, there is a light at the end of the tunnel. Because of organizations like the Christine B. Foundation, help is readily available for those in need.

            Unfortunately, it seems as if we all are acquainted with someone affected by cancer. Possibly a grandparent, friend, or even yourself. This kind of illness can cause tragedy that is nothing short of devastating. The Christine B. Foundation is a Maine based nonprofit organization that seeks to fight in the battle against cancer, supplying an abundance of comfort to the cancer community. The Christine B. Foundation organizes many ways to give support to those in need, including their largest annual fundraiser, The Eastern Trek For Cancer.

            The Eastern Trek for Cancer is an annual 300 mile relay-run that goes from Maine to New York. Throughout the run, the team stops at hospitals to visit with patients and donate time and funds. This allows the runners to not only make a difference, but also to see their efforts in action. The run itself lasts seven days, and impacts the cancer community in a unique way. Founder Matt Dexter says, “[The Eastern Trek for Cancer] means something different for everyone it impacts, but you will leave a different person than when you started.” Along with Matt, runners from previous years have said how beneficial the run is—not only to the cancer community, but to them personally. Lexi Penka, who ran the Eastern Trek in 2017, told the Christine B. Foundation, The whole trek was rewarding, but it was really amazing to see first-hand what all of our fundraising over the last 9 months went toward. Being able to put smiles on people’s faces, or brighten their day–even if it was just for a minute–was so heartwarming.”

            In 2017, the Eastern Trek for Cancer raised approximately $37,000 for the cancer community. This year, Matt has even bigger goals. “I hope to build two teams this year to double the fundraising from last year,” he said, “This would really help us to develop new, stronger cancer care services in Maine.” This year’s Eastern Trek for Cancer will take place on June 24th – June 30th. Registration and donation services are available online at www.chrisbfund.org.


Photos courtesy of www.chrisbfund.org.

Jessie is a sophomore at the University of Maine's Honors College. She studies sociology with a minor in ethics, and social and political philosophy. She is a sister of Alpha Phi Delta Nu, a member of The University of Maine's Hillel, the sociology club, the pre-law society, Sigma Alpha Pi Honor Society, NSCS, and interns for the U.S. Senator Susan Collins. In her free time, she enjoys being around her sorority sisters, spending time with her boyfriend, writing, working out, and traveling.
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