Chilly Weather Style Guide

Since the weather here in Maine has dropped to 40 degrees overnight, it means time to bring out those scarves and hats because winter is here!!! While winter seems like the longest possible season in Maine, it doesn’t have to be dreadful. Cute sweaters and fuzzy socks can make everything better. So, here are a few tips on how to transition your fall fashion into winter appropriate fashion that will keep you warm and looking adorable! Layering!! Layering is crucial. Not only does it make you look very put together, it keeps you warm for those very cold mornings. 

BOOTS. Boots are an essential for the New England winters and especially here at UMaine. Every girl needs a cute pair of booties. 

Scarves and hats. I mean who doesn’t love a cute hat that also keeps you warm? And those blanket scarves are to die for. Looking like you put effort in when you really didn’t, basically every girl’s dream. 

Last, but not least-fuzzy socks!!! Who doesn’t love fuzzy socks? They keep you warm and they’re just plain adorable. 


Make the best out of your winter fashion by trying out these tips before the snow truly hits us and we're forced to wear snowsuits to class. Stay warm everyone!