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Check Out These Lunch finds at The Bear’s Den!

School is back in session and University of Maine students are excited to learn in the classroom again! With their new busy schedules, students might be wondering where they are going to eat during the school day. The Bear’s Den in the Memorial Union is the perfect place to grab your mid-day meal between classes! 

   My absolute favorite meal at the Union has to be the fresh made sushi options they carry. Students can enjoy anything from maki rolls to nigiri style sushi made with their choice of white or brown rice. Not only are there  raw fish options but also more vegetarian friendly choices like vegetable California rolls too. My favorite option is the spicy salmon poke bowl made with white rice, raw salmon, cucumber, avocado, seaweed and spicy mayo. Not only is this option delicious, but also affordable with most rolls and bowls ringing up at  $10 or less. If you are looking for something to go along with your meal this section offers seaweed salad, gyoza or spring rolls to accompany your sushi. 

 If you are on a budget but still looking for a healthy filling go to the customizable Mexican food section. In this section for $4.99 you can get a rice and beans bowl stacked high with vegetables that will keep you satisfied until classes are over. This option is gluten free and can easily be made dairy free if you skip out on the cheese and sour cream!

Another fun customizable option is the stir fry bar, where you can get a small or large sized container with your choice of protein, fruits,vegetables and sauce, with either noodles or rice as your base. Attached to this section there is also an Asian meal combo of the day and it can be an assortment of things. My favorite combo is General Tso’s chicken, fried rice and crab rangoons but the selections switch often! 

The grill is great for some wonderful comfort food. My favorite thing to order is the chicken tender basket, which is four chicken tenders with fries. Some other good grill items include the steak and cheese sandwiches and the cheeseburger, both which pair well with fries. 

Everyday there are fresh fruits and vegetables out on the salad bar, along with prepared salads like potato, egg and tuna salad. There is also yogurt which pairs well with the fruit, and hard boiled eggs which are great to grab for a protein boost. 

The indulgent Italian section always smells amazing. Every day they prepare mini personal pizzas, garlic knots and mozzarella sticks. They usually carry a selection of pasta as well, which looks delicious without fail

Lastly we have the customizable sandwich section, which is amazing! It’s run like a Subway with fresh cold cuts, cheeses, vegetables and various breads to choose from. They can also make buffalo chicken wraps that bring back the nostalgia of York dining hall. 

The Union accepts basically all forms of payment – Black Bear Bucks, dining funds, cash or debit/credit cards. Check out these great eats and more at the Union this week! 

Megan Ashe

U Maine '22

Megan Ashe is a full time undergraduate student at the University of Maine, located in Orono, ME. She is majoring in English, with a concentration in creative writing, and is also focusing on her minor in legal studies. After her time at the University of Maine, Megan hopes to attend law school and become a trial lawyer. But for now, she enjoys hanging out with friends, working at the the University Bookstore, watching true crime TV shows, and of course writing! Insta: megan_ashe2000
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