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Campus Cutie: Casey

Basic Facts
Name: Casey Taber
Nickname: CaseFace
Hometown: Tenants Harbor
Relationship Status: Single
Sign: Gemini

Campus Life
Major: Nursing
Favorite thing about UMaine: The Rec Center
How are you involved on campus: Sad to say not really at all, school keeps me pretty busy!
Favorite place to eat in Orono: Ohop, two for one Mondays are the best!
Best class: Pathophysiology
Worst class: Pharmacology
How do you like to spend your weekends here: Sunday is of course the day of football! Besides getting all my homework done I put off for the entire week, hitting up the Orono night life is never a bad Idea.

What is on your ipod’s top rated: Right now I’m on a Hip-Hop kick; Biggie, 2 chainz, Juicy J, and Meek Mill usually get the job done.
Boxers or Briefs: Briefs hands down.
An embarrassing confession: I drive like an old lady.
Ski or Snowboard: Snowboard
Salty or Sweet: Salty
Dream job: Nurse Practitioner, owning my own practice
Biggest pet peeve: BEING LATE
Favorite guilty pleasure: Romantic Comedies
Three words to describe yourself: witty, confident, driven

Favorite Barstool Segment: Everyone knows cool kids Chive On!
Favorite quote: Impossible is Nothing
Favorite song to dance to at a party: Control Myself LL Cool J
Favorite food: Thai Kitchen!
Favorite sports team: Celtics
Favorite beer: PBR
Favorite app: The Chive

The Nitty Gritty
Craziest place you’ve had sex: In the woods
How do you let someone know you’re interested in them: Try to be funny, smile, and flash my blue eyes
What do you want girls to know about you: I’m pretty laid back, like to laugh, and I don’t sweat the small stuff.
What do you look for in a girl: Personality is key, If she can joke around with me than that goes a long way!
Deal-breaker: Smoker, afraid to be themselves
Celebrity Crush: Emmanuelle Chriqui (Sloan from Entourage) 

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