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Campus Celebrity: UMaine Men’s Rugby

Campus Celebrity: UMaine Men’s Rugby Team

This weeks campus celebrity is a group of men who have intensity, agility and speed. Take some aspects from football, a little of wrestling and oddly enough cheerleading and you get rugby. The University of Maine men’s rugby team, this weeks campus celeb, is a bunch of talented athletes who participate in 80 minutes of non-stop play each game.

To find out a little more about the sport, Roy Hubbard, the returning captain and a past campus cutie told us about more of the rules.

People think rugby is just football without pads but, if you watch it, you’ll realize in two seconds its nothing  alike; the rules, how the game flows, it’s confusing at first. When the guy with the ball gets tackled, the whistle isn’t blown. Guys literally fight over the ball for possession and the game keeps going. When the ball goes out of bounds, you’ll see a bunch of guys lift someone over their heads to catch the ball. Then there is a scrum. Eight of the biggest guys on each team bind on each others jerseys and try to bulldoze the other eight guys. Whoever wins, gets the ball.

Imagine short shorts, no pads, and grizzly guys tackling each other. Sounds like a great time to me! If you have never been to a rugby game before, it is definitely something you have to check out. The University of Maine men’s rugby team is playing in their first home game this Saturday at Lengyl field at 3:00 pm. They only have three home games this season, so this is something you wont want to miss!
Goodluck guys! 

Season Schedule:
Sept 22 Bowdoin College, HOME
Sept 29 Bates College, HOME
Oct 6 @ Colby College
Oct 13 @ UNE
Oct 20 Maine Maritime Academy, HOME
Oct 26 @ UMF

UMaine Men’s Rugby Website: http://www.umaine.edu/rugby/men.htm
Also “like” them on Facebook!
Other Rugby Cuties: Johnny Jagger 

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