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Campus Celebrity: UMaine Bro

Campus Celebrity: UMaine Bro

Whether he is scoping out biddies, planning raging parties, or just cruising in his beamer, UMaine Bro has quite the presence on campus and social media. Since joining Facebook September 14th, 2011, the UMaine Bro page has grown to have almost 1,500 likes and many twitter followers. University of Maine students especially enjoy his original meme’s and sarcastic status updates featuring things relevant to us. He is a proud founding brother of Beta Theta Theta Beta (βΘΘβ)* and a hopeful candidate for student government. 

When asked if he would answer some questions for our Campus Celebrity article his obvious answer was a blunt and straight forward: “Yes Babe.” 

What made you want to start the UMaine Bro page?

One day sitting in the Greek Office I decided that more people needed to know what it’s like to be a productive member of the Greek Community. I mean, I’ve personally raised over $45 dollars for various philanthropies – we’re going to be on a roll this semester after Rushing 14 new pledges. Half dropped out after we tried playing a game of capture the flag after drinking…. One kid even got hypothermia, but that’s irrelevant.

Did you come up with all of the meme’s on your page yourself?  

Yeah all but two memes are mine, but I jumped off that train before the University of Maine Memes Facebook page destroyed it. It’s really a shame.

So UMaine Bro, is that your real picture or a fake? 

It’s the real me, I need everyone on campus to know who I am when I walk past.

Sarcasm seems to be your strong suit… What else are you good at?

Organizing parties, selling roofies, and driving my BMW around campus like it’s the Daytona 500.

Your page seems like a great way to scope out new biddies. Is this all a ploy to attract the UMaine cuties and move in on them?

Not really, but I’m hoping an appearance in Her Campus as the campus cutie will change things. I would be honored to join those bros on that prestigious list.

You posted on your page about a ‘huge ripper’ one night and then how you survived The Grove just the day after; Was that insane party your doing?

Kind of… I won’t tell a lie. I sent every kid that messaged me to some random room number in The Grove and told them to knock a specific way (sorry room 213). I was at The Grove and the hood on my BMW was dented cause some drunk kid was dancing on it. I would have chased him down but my salmon colored slacks and boat shoes aren’t very aerodynamic.

Anything else you want the UMaine students to know?

My favorite musician is Kreayshawn, I firmly believe that biddies get turned on when I play my bass real loud around campus, and I don’t like the hockey team (or hipsters).

I’m also going to try running for Student Government in a couple months, and I would love your vote!

–  –

There you have it, insight into the doings of the Facebook sensation, UMaine Bro. Like his page for updates on his biddy stalking escapades, hilarious original meme’s, and his future student government campaign. 

* Beta Theta Theta Beta is a made up fraternity. There is no such thing at the University of Maine… yet.

Olivia is a senior pursuing a Marketing degree at the University of Maine at Orono. Besides being a co-branch correspondent for the Her Campus UMaine Branch, she is the business manager for the University of Maine student newspaper, The Maine Campus. One of her many interests is fashion and writes as a contributing fashion writer for Her Campus UMaine. Olivia hopes to land a career in the industry after graduation.
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