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Campus Celebrity: UMaine Baseball Team

This article is written by a student writer from the Her Campus at U Maine chapter.

             With their season fast approaching, the UMaine Baseball team has been getting ready and practicing a lot, but for the past month you may not have recognized them. The whole team participated in “Movember”, a month dedicated to not shaving your moustache. Some people do no-shave November for the fun of it, but the baseball team decided to grow for a purpose.

            The team raised $350 to raise awareness for men’s Prostate Cancer and Health. The team, as a whole, decided it would be a fun way to raise awareness, as many of the team members had already decided to participate in no-shave November. The team is not necessarily waiting until next November to get back to raising money. They look forward to more opportunities to raise awareness for men’s Prostate Cancer and Health.

             As adult men, not shaving for a month means it is safe to assume there were some impressive mustaches to be seen on the student athletes. From talking to a few of the players, the competition for “best moustache” was close! According to Aj Bazdanes, senior pitcher for the Black Bears, Tommy Lawrence and Steve Trask took the cake for best moustaches. Bazdanes described Lawrence’s ‘stache as more of ‘70s vibe, while Trask looked like Mario from the video games. Sam Balzano, a sophomore out fielder, had a slightly different opinion on the competition. “Mike Fransoso or Steve Trask… It was a close tie.” Balzano, however, thinks that Tommy Lawrence would have had the other two beat if he hadn’t shaved.

Her Campus UMaine is declaring the UMaine Baseball team the winner of “Movember”, for their efforts to raise money for a great cause and great mustaches of course. You can get more information on the baseball team and “Movember” by checking out their Facebook page: https://www.facebook.com/MaineBaseball?fref=ts or following them on Twitter: @MaineBaseball


Taylor is a fourth-year journalism student at the University of Maine and one of Her Campus UMaine's campus correspondants. Taylor was born right outside of Philadephia, Pennsylvania, but spent summers teaching sailing on Vinalhaven, Maine. Taylor also produces video for The Maine Campus, and loves making videos.