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Campus Celebrity: TOMS Shoes Campus Club Comes to UMaine


As summer days grow shorter and fall begins to creep in, college students face the daunting task of packing up all their belongings once again and making the trek back to school.  Whether you are living in a dorm or a small apartment, chances are you won’t have space for those 20 to 30 pairs of shoes that have been collecting dust in your closet at home.
 As many college females begrudgingly leave some of their most cherished pairs of shoes at home, millions of children around the world are walking barefoot in even the worst conditions.  This is a luxury that many of us have taken for granted. TOMS footwear has come up with a way for collegiette to get green and give back!
While on vacation in Argentina in 2006, Blake Mycoskie was taken back by the number of children living without shoes.  Knowing that these children were at a greater risk for disease without the adequate protection from their surrounding environment, Mycoskie was motivated to make a change in these children’s lives.  With the development of TOMS Shoes, the One for One Movement was born.  By purchasing footwear or eyewear from the TOMS Company, you are giving to those in need.  For every item purchased, an item is given:One for One.

As the folks at TOMS know, the greatest ideas come from the freshest minds.  TOMS Campus Clubs allows young passionate college students to share the TOMS story and join with other like-minded peers to support this consumer conscious movement.  This fall, the University of Maine will welcome its own TOMS Campus Club.  Each semester the TCC will host events to promote the One for One movement and encourage students to make wiser consumer conscious decisions that will make a difference in the lives of those less fortunate than us. 
For information on upcoming events, stay tuned to Her Campus UMaine!
To follow Blake’s story, you can follow his blog at: http://www.startsomethingthatmatters.com

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